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Pinecone Picture Frames

Martha Stewart Living, Holiday 2008

Unify a group of family photos, both old and new, with frames bedecked with pinecone details. The embellishments can be as simple as a single row of scales or as intricate as a profusion of delicate clusters. A single floret also lends a bit of elegance to a plain wooden jewelry box. 

Tools and Materials

  • Pinecones
  • Floral clippers
  • Small bowl
  • Cardboard box (at least 4 inches square) with hinged lid
  • Floral wire
  • Card stock
  • Tacky glue
  • Cloves or tiny plant parts
  • Gold ink pad


1. With floral clippers, remove the pinecone's base. Starting at the cone's bottom, slip one blade of the clippers behind a scale; snip it off. Continue, working upward until all scales have been removed and only the stem remains.

2. Fill a small bowl with scales. For the work surface, you'll need a cardboard box (at least 4 inches square) with a hinged lid. Snip off 4 inches of floral wire; form a small hook at one end. From card stock, cut a disk a bit larger than the desired size of the bloom's center. Secure disk to box top by piercing both with the wire, letting hook rest in the center so the wire won't fall through. Using tacky glue, affix scales to disk in a flower shape; the hook will become covered with glue. For a fuller blossom, add another layer of smaller scales inside the first, adding up to five layers for larger blooms. Use tacky glue to attach one or more cloves or tiny plant parts in the center. Let dry, and remove bloom from box. Cut off wire. For an allover sheen, gently press each flower facedown into a gold ink pad. To burnish only the tips, press the edges into the pad. 

3. Assemble flowers and affix them -- or plain miniature pinecones -- to frames with hot glue.

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