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Flower Arrangement in a Birch-Bark Vessel

Impress guests with a charming floral embellishment for the holidays: seasonal blooms arranged in a handmade birch-bark container. Less formal and more unique than the standard vase, this rustic vessel adds texture and beauty to any arrangement.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2010


Floral and event designer Lewis Miller shares this easy how-to for a floral arrangemenet in a Birch-Bark Vessel. He recommends combining flowers, foliage, and fruit in orange, brown, and green tones for a modern autumnal display. Here are some of his recommendations.

Flowers: Autumn hydrangeas, Capriccio roses, brunia, chrysanthemums
Foliage: Black privet berries, gray mullein leaves, senecio, garden ivy
Fruits and Vegetables: Persimmons, artichokes, Seckel pears


  • Pine box

  • Pieces of birch bark

  • Heavy-duty staple gun

  • Scissors

  • Heavy plastic sheets

  • Oasis floral foam


  1. Using a heavy-duty staple gun, attach birch bark to the sides of the pine box.

  2. Cut the bottom edges of the bark so the container sits level.

  3. Line the interior of the box with heavy plastic. Add floral foam to support the flower arrangement and prevent leakage.

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