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Pet Silhouette Stationery

Why should sophisticated silhouettes be reserved for humans? Capture the contour of your furry or feathered friends, and use the image to personalize plain stationery or to mark the center of the universe -- a.k.a. the treats jar.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2010


  • Self-adhesive shelf liner

  • Cutting mat

  • Craft knife

  • Black all-surface spray paint

  • Jar


  1. Take a good profile picture of your pet, and print it. On a copier, enlarge or shrink image to desired size. Cut out silhouette.

  2. Make a stencil: Cut a piece of self-adhesive shelf liner big enough to wrap around jar. Unroll liner, and affix to a clean cutting mat. Trace silhouette onto shelf liner. Cut it out using craft knife.

  3. Affix stencil to jar, and spray cutout image with paint. Let paint dry, then carefully remove stencil.

  4. Make a silhouette as in step 1. Send image to a rubber-stamp maker, such as Stamp notecards or letter sheets.

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