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Pinecone Christmas Tree

Instead of store-bought trimmings, dress your tree with what it might have worn outside: pinecones. With their natural beauty, they deserve to accompany a tree indoors, too.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Holiday 2008


For garlands and ornaments (like the picture-frame ornaments shown below), which appear on this potted tree, use a variety of pinecones in different shapes and sizes, as well as miniature glass Christmas balls and beads strung along with them.


  • Craft glue

  • Brush

  • Bowl

  • Fine glitter

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Miniature glass Christmas balls or beads

  • 3 pinecones

  • Twine

  • Scissors

  • Strong sewing needle and heavy-duty thread

  • Tiny pinecones, such as tamarack

  • Red and green glass beads


  1. To glitter pinecones for these projects, if desired, brush craft glue over tips of scales. Then, working over a bowl, spoon fine glitter over scales. Let dry completely.

  2. For a drop ornament, hot-glue miniature glass Christmas balls or beads (you can unstring a garland of balls for this purpose) between three pinecones arranged in descending size. Snip off the ends of each pinecone, if necessary, to make flat places to glue balls. Run twine through hole in top ball for a hanger.

  3. For a garland, use a strong sewing needle and heavy-duty thread to string tiny pinecones, such as tamaracks, alternating them with red and green glass beads until desired length is reached.

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