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Holly Card

Martha Stewart Living, Special Issue Holiday 2008

A sprig of holly springs to life from atop a store-bought plain note card. This project wouldn't fare well in the mail, so save it for greetings you're planning to deliver by hand.

Tools and Materials:

Holly Card How-To:
1. Draw a holly leaf on cardboard to make a template; cut out. 

2. Trace template onto card stock in different shades of green to make eight leaves; cut out with a utility knife. 

3. Using a ruler and a bone folder, score each leaf down its center, as shown; lightly fold sides upward along the scored line. Bend the top of each leaf away from its stem. 

4. Punch berries from red card stock using a hole punch. 

5. Cut a branch from brown card stock. Affix branch to a store-bought note card with craft glue; let dry. Add leaves, gluing only at the stems. Top with berries along branch.

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