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Woolen Pouches

Large and small pieces of felted-wool sweaters can create a variety of attractive pouches: A hot-water-bottle cover was cut from a turtleneck sweater, an eyeglass case began life as an argyle sweater, a waistband forms the top of a tiny stocking, and a portion of a sleeve became a case for an MP3 player. 

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Special Issue Holiday 2008


  • Paper

  • Felted wool

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Drawstring or button

  • Sewing kit


  1. For pouches of any shape and size, either trace the object to be held (such as an MP3 player) onto paper, adding 1/2 inch all around, or draw a template freehand; cut out. 

  2. Pin template on a piece of felted wool; cut out. Repeat, flipping template to make another cutout that mirrors the first.

  3. Stitch pieces, right sides facing, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Zigzag-stitch around seam to reinforce. Turn right side out.

  4. If desired, finish with a drawstring (add a channel to hold it) or a button.

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