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Guest Room Decorating Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, November 2010

Ensure holiday visitors are happy and comfortable in your home with these simple tips for decorating guest rooms from interior designer Bunny Williams.

Provide four standard-sized pillows for sleeping and two smaller, square European pillows with cases or shams to prop up the head when reading.

Making the Bed
Tuck the top sheet in sparingly at the bottom of bed to allow an extra-wide amount of sheet at the head to fold over the blanket or comforter. Fold blanket about 1/3 of the way down the bed, and leave sides untucked for easier use.

Bedside Tables
Beside tables, and the lamps that sit atop them, do not necessarily need to be a matching set as long as their styles and colors are complementary. Outfit side tables with a bottle of water and glass, alarm clock, tissues (in an attractive container), small flower arrangement, and a selection of reading materials suited to your guests' tastes. An iPod dock and telephone chargers set nearby will prevent guests from having to awkwardly search the room for a plug.

Benches and Trunks
A classic bench or trunk placed at the foot of the bed will provide an easy spot for guests to place their suitcases, extra blankets, and miscellaneous personal items that should be kept off the floor.

Include a dog bed to let guests know that their four-legged friends are welcome -- and encourage them to keep pets off the furniture.

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