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Glittered Table Linens

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2010


There's simplicity in this sparkling rustic table. Stripes of glitter on the edge of a table runner add to the festive feel of a Thanksgiving meal.


  • Masking tape

  • Fabric

  • Washable fabric glue

  • Foam brush

  • Fine glitter in Florentine Gold, Blue Sapphire, and Smoky


  1. Alternate strips of masking tape with fabric, as shown. Press tape against fabric so glue won't seep. Working in 10-inch sections, apply fabric glue to outer stripe with a foam brush, then sprinkle with glitter. [See image 2 above.] Let dry for at least 4 hours, then shake off excess glitter. Cover that stripe with paper, and repeat process for next stripe.

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