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Hanukkah Window Stars

These vellum Hanukkah decorations make daytime shine. The small template makes a 5-inch star; the large one forms a 7-inch star.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2010


  • Vellum, in gold or blue, $18.90 for 50 sheets,

  • Micro-hole punch (for small star)

  • Needle and thread 

  • Screw punch (for large star)


  1. Print small triangle template, and cut out. Trace twice onto vellum to make 2 triangles, and cut out. Place together to make Star of David. Punch a hole at each corner of central hexagon (as indicated on template), and 1 more halfway along hexagon's top side. Starting at top center, weave thread through holes all the way around design until back at the top. [See image 2 above.] Knot thread, and hang star in window.

  2. Follow instructions above, printing large triangle template and using screw punch instead of micro-hole punch.

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