13 Kids' Christmas Crafts That Will Make the Holiday Merry and Bright

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When we start decking our halls with ornament-filled trees and festive accents and playing joyful holiday tunes, it's safe to say that the Christmas season is officially in full swing. Paired with these seasonal activities are gatherings with close friends and family, meals with a spread of traditional (and new) recipes, and lots and lots of festive crafts. Kids are especially sure to enjoy the latter—practicing some creativity ahead of the holidays will help them feel that festive spirit.

Little ones can make a variety of crafts for the holiday season, including edible ones. Round up ingredients you likely already have stocked in your pantry for your Christmas feast, like ground ginger, all-purpose flour, cinnamon, and more, to make gingerbread houses, ornaments, and beyond. Continue the culinary magic by transforming other classic treats, such as cupcakes and cookies, into desserts that are delicious and speak to the season.

Beyond the kitchen, kids can create crafts to decorate every area of the home; consider paper snowflakes, for example, which look lovely in a window. Even if the forecast in your community doesn't call for snow come Christmas, this easy-to-make project will help you fake a flurry. And don't forget to set your little ones up with a craft dedicated to the most important Christmas guest: Santa Claus. Children will love writing a letter to Santa explaining exactly how they were nice (or naughty!) throughout the year—and even detail the gifts they'd like to receive from the North Pole. If you're looking for more kids' crafts ahead of Christmas, you have come to the correct place. Keep reading for several projects that will help your brood experience that Christmas magic.

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Paper Snowflakes


These Christmas decorations require just two materials: paper and a pair of scissors. Once the kids make their own designs, you go in for the cut. After, string them onto the branches of Christmas trees, mantels, gift boxes, or even windows and walls.

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3D Christmas Tree Card

3d christmas tree card

Take a traditional-style card to new heights by making a 3D variation. This Christmas creation has a pop-out, which is made from pleated paper rectangles; it reveals itself once the card is opened. Pro tip: Use a tall, slender note, since it will resemble the dimensions of a pine tree.

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Pinecone Elves


Tell the children to bring their daily bounty from Mother Nature inside to create this cute elf. The main material for this project is a pinecone, and from there, you'll use small pieces of felt, metallic bell beads, and more to create Santa's helpers' festive outfits.

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Simple Snowflake Chalk-Art

snowflake chalk art

If you have chalk and a chalkboard, then your kids already have the tools they need to make some beautiful chalk-art. To create a stunning snowflake design, begin with this how-to (it's perfect for creators of any level!).

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Pinecone Picture-Frame Ornaments


Round up the pinecones in your backyard and the family photos you've been wanting to frame for ages to create this fun, winter-centric display with your little ones. Turn the final result into ornaments that you can hang on your Christmas tree.

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Candy Cane Mice


Whether used as favors or festive treats, these cute candy cane mice come together simply. This project is as kid-friendly as it gets.

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Cookie Cutter Ornaments


A tradition in the making, this nostalgic project requires a mix of cookie cutters and cherished photos.

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Candy Cane Wreath


Children will love making a decoration that's festive and sweet—plus, they can indulge in the leftover candy canes. To keep this wreath in the best possible condition post-Christmas, store it in between layers of waxed paper.

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Letter to Santa

letter to Santa template

With the help of our fill-in-the-blank template, little ones can write out their Christmas wish list before Santa Claus comes to town—and tell him exactly how they have been naughty or nice this year.

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Children's Hand Cookies


Kids can lend a hand (literally!) during this year's holiday bake-off. After they help prepare the dough, they'll need to press their little palms into it to create these sweet cookie shapes.

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Snowman Cupcakes

snowman cupcakes with marshmallows
Bryan Gardner

Happy times with kids call for festive cupcakes. Easier to serve than cake, cupcakes require no slicing, no plates, and no forks—and every child gets her fair share of icing during assembly.

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Snow Globes


Create beautiful snow globes using ordinary jars; any medium to large-sized vessel will do. People, tree, and animal figurines, lightly weighted down with glycerin so glitter doesn't fall too quickly, make for a festive vignette inside.

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Gingerbread Reindeer

Annie Schlechter

To make a reindeer's head, turn a gingerbread man on his. Add a face, ears, and antlers with melted chocolate chips, sanding sugar, gumdrops, and other candies.

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