12 Persimmon Recipes Everyone Should Make This Fall


The persimmon is an underrated fall fruit that deserves the same hype as pumpkins. Here's what you need to know about choosing and storing them, plus our favorite persimmon recipes.

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Persimmons, vivid orange fruits of autumn, have been cultivated in parts of Asia for at least 1,000 years, but remain mysterious to many Americans. We're finally catching up these days, and that means that we're discovering ways both new and old for making great use of persimmons in savory preparations as well as sweet ones throughout fall.

The two varieties commonly available here are Fuyu and Hachiya. Before you buy a persimmon, it's important to know which type you're considering, because that will affect how and when to prepare it. Fuyu is the squat persimmon with a rounded bottom pictured here. It can be eaten when firm or soft. To choose a fuyu, look for one with taut skin free of blemishes. When it's firm, simply cut away the leaves, and wash or peel, then slice it as you would an apple; it is crunchy and sweet, and best for salads. To eat it when soft, store at room temperature until it gives to the touch, similar to a tomato.

The Hachiya persimmon, on the other hand, has an elongated, heart-like shape. It should only be eaten when very ripe; when firm, the Hachiya is so astringent it can make your mouth dry to the point of numbness. It will ripen at room temperature and once ripened, the luscious, aromatic fruit is unforgettable. It can be ripened far past the point at which you might throw away most other fruits; when the skin appears almost translucent and the fruit feels mushy, you can bake with it—or slice off the top and eat its jelly-like contents right away.

Ahead, our favorite ways to enjoy these delicious fall fruits.

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Persimmon and Bresaola Bites

Bryan Gardner

Wedges of firm fuyu persimmon wrapped in paper-thin slices of bresaola (an Italian air-dried beef) are a contemporary twist on prosciutto and melon. No recipe required.

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Steamed Persimmon Pudding


In the style of traditional English winter puddings, this spiced cake is steamed slowly on the stovetop and served warm. Soft (to the point of mushy) Hachiya persimmons with their deep, sweet flavor are used in the batter. Once the cake is cooked and turned out of its mold it can be garnished with dried Fuyu persimmon slices.

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Persimmon and Brie Crostini

Bryan Gardner

Simple yet sophisticated, these no-recipe toasts are the ultimate fruit and cheese appetizer. A quick turn under the broiler brings out the flavor of the persimmon, and turns the cheese perfectly melty.

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Persimmon, Beet, and Citrus Salad

Martyn Thompson

The best salads are a medley of textures, flavors, and colors. Arrange all the ingredients for this one as a composed salad, or simply toss together. The sweetness of fuyu persimmons and beets balances the sunny acidity of citrus and crisp, bitter greens, hitting all the notes.

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Frozen Persimmon Custard

Aaron Dyer

The best one-ingredient fall dessert and another no-recipe needed persimmon idea. Firm Fuyu persimmons can be frozen for eight hours (or up to a month), which softens and preserves them. To serve, cut off the tops with a serrated knife and spoon out the sweet, custard-like frozen fruit. Similarly, soft Fuyu and Hachiya varieties can also be frozen, and once defrosted the flesh will be soft enough to blend into a recipe.

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Pork with Persimmons and Mustard Greens

William Brinson

A pork roast with greens and persimmons makes a beautiful—and simple—autumn dinner. Use firm or semi-firm fuyu persimmons; there's time for them to soften in the oven, where they'll be seasoned with sizzling pork fat before being splashed with an amber, nutty Marsala wine.

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Persimmon Compote

dessert persimmon
Raymond Hom

Poached in a bewitchingly spiced syrup with cinnamon and star anise, firm or semi-firm Fuyu persimmons will be a treat spooned over vanilla ice cream. Serve warm or make ahead and store in the refrigerator.

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Mixed Chicories with Persimmons


A perfect dinner salad for the late fall and winter, this is a mixture of the season's best bitter greens mellowed by sweet fuyu persimmons, walnuts, and bright pomegranate seeds.

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Broiled Persimmons with Mascarpone

Beatriz DeCosta

This fantastically simple dessert is a surprising and delicious way to end a winter meal. Ripe fuyu persimmons are halved, drizzled with honey, and broiled until caramelized.

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Caramelized Persimmons with Prosciutto

bruleed persimmon
Raymond Hom

Another luxe fall starter pairing salty meat with lush Fuyu persimmons. Here the persimmons are brûléed with the kitchen torch or broiler.

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Persimmon Fruit Leather


Your favorite childhood snack gets way more sophisticated when you pair persimmons with pineapple.

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Persimmon and Escarole Salad

Raymond Hom

Elevate a simple green salad with sweet-tart persimmons and buttery pistachios. It's the perfect way to round out any fall meal.

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