Martha's NYC Kitchen

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Martha in the Kitchen


Martha Stewart proves the versatility and suitability of medical furniture in the home by constructing her New York apartment kitchen with Duralab components from top to bottom.

"It's basically a service kitchen," Martha says. "I wanted dishes, linen, and silver for entertaining -- 40 people for a stand-up buffet. But it had to fit in this long, peculiar space; I call it a 'galley alley.'" Space-conscious Duralab cabinets create maximum storage.

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Sliding Doors


"I don't want anything sitting out -- this isn't a country kitchen," Martha says of her floor-to-ceiling cabinets. She chose sliding doors for below-counter, to avoid kitchen-traffic accidents from open-out doors.

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Glass Cabinets


Above-counter doors have glass fronts, "because I think it makes the room look bigger," says Martha, who replaced standard cabinet glass with restoration glass to give it an antique ripple effect.

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Shallow drawers house knives and silverware; deeper drawers, linens and cooking utensils.

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Display Case


A vintage dental-instrument case displays Martha's Venetian glass and Indian silver.

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Dining Room


The adjacent dining area is enhanced, not disrupted, by a view of the gleaming kitchen.

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