20 Holidays Gifts for Pets and Their Owners

Martha's dogs on red chairs near window with wreath
Photo: Anna Williams

These ideas are perfect for your four-legged family members. From high-tech toys to delicious treats and stylish accessories, we're sharing our favorite holiday gifts for all the cats and dogs in your life.

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Martha's dogs on red chairs near window with wreath
Anna Williams

Everyone from family members and friends to colleagues and service professionals you see regularly is probably on your holiday shopping list this year. If you're like us, your furry friends are likely at the top of your list, too. When it comes to gift-giving during the holidays, your pet especially deserves a treat or two; our dogs and cats always show us love year-round, after all. And if you're most excited about shopping for your pet, you're not alone: Americans spent more money on pet gifts in 2018 than ever before, according to the American Pet Products Association. The average shopper spends around $30 on gifts for their pets, but households in total have a budget of over $459 for gifts, and not every household is the same.

Shopping for your pets is much like shopping for yourself. The best pet gifts can feel like a gift just for you, since they most likely make your life as a pet owner much easier. Some tech products are designed to keep your household (and your four-legged friend) in check while you're away, while others are just plain entertaining. And pet accessories—from clothing to toys and even furniture—can make living with a pet in your home that much more enjoyable.

This list of editor-approved pet gifts include brilliant ideas for cats, dogs, and their owners; it includes our favorite toys, grooming products, pet furniture, warm clothing, and must-have gadgets this holiday season. These ideas are also great for the people on your list that are so very hard to shop for—if you can't think of a gift for them personally, why not shop for their pet? From lavish and luxurious picks to thrifty buys you can snap up in bulk, these are the best pet gifts to give during the holiday season.

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Leash Set

The Wild One Walk Kit in Blush
Courtesy of the Wild One

The minimalist design and modern colors of these stylish leashes, collars, and cleanup bag carriers make picking up after your pooch more bearable. This gift set features three essential dog-walking tools, including a leash with a flex poly-coated nylon strap that makes it nearly impossible to tangle.

Shop Now: Wild One "The Walk" Kit, in Blush, $135, wildone.com.

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Smart Camera

Furbo Dog Camera with Wifi, 2-Way Audio, and Treat Launcher
Courtesy of Amazon

Are you often away from your pets during the day? Check in on them from the office with the help of this nifty camera. It has livestream capabilities and two-way audio, meaning that you can effectively video chat with them throughout the day; plus, it's built with a treat-tossing function that's controlled with your phone.

Shop Now: Furbo Dog Camera, $199, amazon.com.

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All-Natural Dog Treats

PolkaDog All-Natural Dog Treats
Courtesy of Polkadog Bakery

Handmade in Boston from all-natural, locally sourced ingredients, Polka Dog Bakery has been making biscuits to bark about since 2002. This gift set will get their tails wagging; it includes cod skin treats, chicken strips, and haddock treats that Fido will love to sample.

Shop Now: Polka Dog "Surf and Turf" Three-Pack All-Natural Dog Treats, $40, polkadog.com.

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Elk Antler Chews

Bold Lead Designs Elk Antler Chews
Courtesy of Bold Lead Designs

Antler chews last longer than traditional bones and are safer, too. Unlike other chews, these don't splinter into harmful shards that dogs can ingest. Don't fear that these chews are being sourced unsustainably—these antlers have been shed naturally, per the retailer, and no animals are harmed.

Shop Now: Bold Lead Designs Rocky Mountain Elk Antler Chews, starting from $11.50, boldeleaddesigns.com.

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Pet Care Essentials

Martha's Pet Care Collection Shampoo, Conditioner and Nose and Paw Lotion
Courtesy of the Martha Stewart Collection

Pamper your pooch with these fragrant shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. Each veterinarian-approved product is formulated with safe, natural ingredients and infused with aromatic botanicals.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo, $10, amazon.com. Martha Stewart Hypoallergenic Dog Conditioner, $10, amazon.com. Martha Stewart Natural Moisturizing Nose & Paw Dog Lotion, $10, amazon.com.

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Waterproof Coat

billy wolf flynn reversible raincoat
Courtesy of Billy Wolf

Any pooch will look stylish in this warm, waterproof coat for rainy, snowy days. These limited-edition coats are sewn from American-made fabrics and vintage dead stock, meaning the chances of your dog wearing the same coat as another at the park? Slim to none.

Shop Now: Billy Wolf Flynn Reversible Raincoat, $68, billywolfnyc.com.

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max bone desmond walnut bowls
Courtesy of Max Bone

Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, this pair of stainless steel bowls in a walnut wood inlay base is designed to blend seamlessly with your home.

Shop Now: Max Bone Desmond Walnut Bowls, from $180, maxbone.com.

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Catnip Toy

Modern Beast Wool City Catnip Toy
Courtesy of Modern Beast

There isn't a kitten that wouldn't purr over a felted toy like this one. The toys are packed with organic catnip and 100-percent wool stuffing to be enjoyed over many play sessions all year long.

Shop Now: Modern Beast City Cat Toy, in Charcoal/Light Gray, $18, modernbeast.com.

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Luxury Cat Collar

Cheshire & Wain London Luxury Cat Collar in Cream
Courtesy of Cheshire & Wain London

Every cat deserves a collar to call her own, and this Italian leather one lined in dusty pink suede is perfectly personalized. Add Kitty's nickname or an emergency contact number that'll be directly etched into the collar's charm itself.

Shop Now: Cheshire & Wain London Cream Luxury Cat Collar, $70, cheshireandwain.us.com.

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Cozy Cat Bed

Anello Cat Bed
Courtesy of Tuft & Paw

Finding an ultra-chic cat bed that fits seamlessly in your home can be tricky. But this bed's smooth, bright wood form won't ever get tarnished since it's covered in a vast tufted fur blanket. Cats of all sizes can curl up against the wooden frame and sink into the plush comforter for a restful sleep.

Shop Now: Tuft & Paw "Anello" Cat Bed, $250, tuftandpaw.com.

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Grain Sack Dog Bed

Harry Barker Grain Sack Dog Bed
Courtesy of Harry Barker

Our largest canine friends can have a hard time finding a comfortable place to sleep—and may end up in your own bed. Send them off to their own deep slumber on this sturdy bed; it's made of heavy-duty, yarn-dyed hemp, meaning it'll provide structural support. Plus, you can choose to stuff it with a fluffy insert or personally monogram it with Fido's name.

Shop Now: Harry Barker Grain Sack Dog Bed, from $100, harrybarker.com.

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Painted Peonies Bandana

The Foggy Dog Painted Peonies Floral Bandana
Courtesy of The Foggy Dog

If this bandana reminds you of your favorite stationery, that's because Rifle Paper Co. teamed up with The Foggy Dog to create it for your pooch. Screen-printed pink, yellow, and fuchsia flowers will add a personal touch to a dog's collar while adventuring outside.

Shop Now: The Foggy Dog Painted Peonies Natural Dog Bandana, $28, thefoggydog.com.

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Pet Pedicure Set

Natural Dog Company Organic Pawtection Pet Pedicure Set
Courtesy of the Natural Dog Company

Any good pet owner knows that clean paws means a happy pup. But hot summer sidewalks (and frigid winter snow and ice) can do real damage to their skin. This pedicure set is vegan and herbal-based, designed to heal rough and chapped paws all year long.

Shop Now: Natural Dog Company PAWdicure Pack, starting at $34, naturaldogcompany.com.

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Pet Carrier

Fable Leather Pet Carrier
Courtesy of Fable

For those on the go, this leather tote answers the need for a streamlined design that keeps your small pet comfortable in transit. Plus, the interior is made of nylon, which makes it easy to wipe away crud or accidents when they happen; you'll also find room inside for a few essentials, like waste bags and leashes.

Shop Now: Fable Signature Carrier, $185, fablepets.com.

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Paw Stamp Dog Tag

Mungo and Maud Brass Paw Stamp Dog Tag
Courtesy of Mungo and Maud

Maybe you've already made your pooch a special collar all their own? Customize a special token that'll fit on any collar. This shiny brass option features a paw on its front, but the back of the tag can be engraved with personal details like your name, phone number, or the address that Fluffy calls home.

Shop Now: Mungo and Maud Stamp Dog Tag Paw, in Brass, $45, us.mungoandmaud.com.

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A Signature Scent

pride and groom the scent freshener
Courtesy of Pride + Groom

Give Fido's coat a spritz of this formulated deodorizer. It's fresh, unusual, and just like your dog, an instant mood lifter.

Shop Now: Pride + Groom "The Scent" Freshener, $22, pridegroomnyc.com.

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Health Tracker

whistle go explore device
Courtesy of Whistle

Whether it's a sneaky escape or a stroll with the dog walker, get notified when your pet leaves a designated safe place by email, text, or app.

Shop Now: Whistle GO Explore Device, starting at $129.95, shop.whistle.com.

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Dual-Use Cleaning System

bissell barkbath dual use portable dog bath and deep cleaning system
Courtesy of Bissell

Shedding coats and dander are the daily reality of any pet owner. This portable all-in-one system can be used to wash your dog in any room of the house while simultaneously equipped to handle the messes left behind on carpets and upholstery.

Shop Now: Bissell Barkbath Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaning System, $199.99, amazon.com.

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Dog Supplements

goodboy calming formula
Courtesy of Goodboy

Improve your pup's wellness: This formula is specifically designed to calm and ease your pup in stressful situations from thunderstorms to separation anxiety.

Shop Now: Goodboy Calming Formula, $35, trygoodboy.com.

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Cat Diet

smalls for smalls subscription cat food
Courtesy of Smalls for Smalls

Customize your favorite feline's diet with healthy treats, toppers, and wholesome food to complement her meals.

Shop Now: Smalls for Smalls Subsciption, inquire for pricing, smalls.com.

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