21 Bathroom Organization Tips That Will Give You More Space

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Make the most of your bathroom with these easy ideas.

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Joseph De Leo

A clean and organized bathroom is one way to ensure an efficient and happy start to your day. As one of the most frequently used and shared places in the home, your bathroom can quickly go from neat to in need of a little TLC after a single use. With often underutilized walls, overpopulated drawers, and a number of cleaning products to keep the area in top shape, finding a place for everything can feel overwhelming. Here, explore creative ways to make the most of your space.

Add more storage to your medicine cabinet with carefully staggered self-adhesive or magnetic cups to hold everything from your toothbrush to your favorite hair-ties on the back of the cabinet door—without disturbing sacred shelf real-estate. As an added benefit, an organized area can not only help save you time, but it can also help elevate any room's décor. Tie your oasis together with your favorite towels on full display hung from a shaker peg rail or stored in a suspended glass cabinet. Another space-saving idea is to adorn the back of your bathroom door with stacked towel bars for a quick-drying option.

For sleek, accessible, and neat ways to lay out your smaller necessities, place items like colorful bath salts and cotton balls in glass jars. To clean up your cabinets, separate small and large items alike with personalized drawer dividers that you can create yourself.

Whether your home has minimal space, or you simply want to amp up the efficiency of your daily routine, these easy bathroom organization ideas will help you keep things in order while adding to the room's overall charm.

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Wall-Mounted Self-Adhesive Caddies

self-adhesive shower caddies
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Combs, brushes, and toothpaste take up considerable space when laid horizontally on a shelf. Flat-backed, self-adhesive organizers placed on your mirror or on the back of a medicine cabinet door hold them more efficiently.

Shop Now: Soyee Two-Pack Shower Caddies, $15.99, amazon.com.

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Drawer Dividers

white bathroom vanity drawer organizer

Gone are the days of scattered beauty products. Find your bathroom necessities a home with drawer dividers. Wooden boxes and trays add a chic element to your space while also helping to categorize the items. Dividers are available in various sizes and materials, so they can be mixed and matched to fit any sort of drawer.

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Towel Ladder

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Lennart Weibull

Keep the bathroom tidy by hanging towels from the rungs of a progressive or apple-picking ladder. To prevent the ladder from slipping, attach rubber tips made for chair legs to the ladder's feet. You can also secure the top of the ladder to the wall with hooks and eyes for added stability.

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Uniform Bottles


Uniform plastic bottles not only add more charm to your space than the usual shampoo and soap containers do, but they also fit neatly in storage devices. Place in a wire basket like this one in a shower stall. It's always helpful to identify bottles with laminated labels, adding either the names of family members who prefer their own products or listing each container's contents.

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Magnet Organizers


Sometimes you have to think behind the box. This medicine cabinet becomes more efficient with a sheet of precut galvanized steel affixed to the interior with construction adhesive. Magnetic hooks now hold scissors and a mirror, and small plastic cups with magnetic bottoms corral small necessities, such as rubber bands and hair clips.

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Toiletry Organizer

small white drawers
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Opt for cabinets for each person who uses the bathroom, if possible. For example, the bottom drawer can contain kids' bath toys, while the top holds the parents' hair-care essentials and a first-aid kit.

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Sliding Wire Shelves

Mind Reader "2-Tier Mesh Storage Baskets in Silver" Shelves
Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Fit central bathroom cabinets with roll-out wire trays to make the most of your small space. Use the second sliding track to hold frequently used items like toilet paper supplies.

Shop Now: Mind Reader Two-Tier Mesh Storage Baskets, $20.99, bedbathandbeyond.com.

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Handy Hair Dryer

wall mounted white hairdryer
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Utilizing vertical space is an easy way to make the most of your bathroom real estate. Easily mounted beside the sink and already plugged in, a streamlined hair-dryer unit wall mount adds some ease to your morning routine while wasting coveted drawer space

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Repurposed Planters


Vintage planters are a playful spin on more traditional bathroom accessories. Displayed on a metal-and-glass table, they hold bottles of shampoo and liquid soap, sponges, bar soap, and hand towels. Tuck a new toothbrush, soap, and a washcloth into a planter and put it in the bathroom cupboard—you'll have the perfect guest package ready at a moment's notice.

Shop Now: CB2 Small White Planter, $39.95, cb2.com.

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Hanging Wire Crate

bathroom clutter crate vanity sink white mirror organize
Chelsea Cavanaugh

To keep a bathroom without a counter's most valuable real estate–the rim of a pedestal sink—looking clean, raise your gaze. We used suction hooks to stick a wire organizer directly onto the wall above. And, while the clip-on name tags keep supplies separated, the open-grid frame ensures that toothbrush handles stay dry and clean.

Shop Now: Lostine Wire Hold, $42, lostine.com. CB2 "Infinity" Wall Mirror, $149. cb2.com.

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Narrow Free-Standing Metal Shelves

Christopher Baker

Make space for supplies in small corners or wide open spaces with a narrow, tall shelving unit. Keep small bottled items in petite boxes so they are easy to grab, and place folded towels and baths supplies on their own individual shelf.

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Repurposed Cupboard


A wooden flea-market cupboard makes a great towel cabinet. Keep your regular supply in the glass-fronted cabinet and use the top for extra storage. Having all towels visible makes it easy to keep track of your inventory. Open shelves on the sides hold small bathroom accessories or decorative items.

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Vertical Folded Towel Rack


Walls in bathrooms are often underutilized. To make towels and washcloths handy for bathers, install a hotel-style multitiered rack on the wall next to the tub.

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Extra Supply Storage

plastic caddy with bathroom cleaning supplies
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Bathrooms require frequent cleanings, so keep a plastic bin with all the necessary supplies in the largest cabinet. Bonus tip: Keep a season's worth of toilet paper in the cabinet, so guests never have to make an awkward request for more.

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Terry Slipcover

Pottery Barn "Classic Dining Side Chair Long Slipcover" Slipcover
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

An extra seat in the bathroom is always welcome. Make your seating bathroom-friendly by draping a wooden folding chair with a thick cotton-terry slipcover. Suddenly you have an inviting perch for a manicure, a blow-dry, or bathroom accessories.

Shop Now: Pottery Barn Classic Dining Side Chair Slipcover, $149, potterybarn.com.

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Towel Bar Trio

rope towel bar with orange towels
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Few bathrooms have enough places to hang towels. Placing towel bars on a flat surface like a free wall or behind the door is a great way to remedy the shortage and use space efficiently. Add an extra design element to the room with your favorite color coordinating towels.

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Bathroom Cubbyhole Shelving


Keep items neat and easy-to-reach with cubbyhole shelves for large items like towels and products. Repurpose your favorite cookie and candy jars for small toiletries and accessories.

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Perfectly Folded Towels


A properly folded towel offers more than a neat, fluffy appearance and hidden edges. Save space and add longevity to your folds with a ribbon tie to keep everything in place and looking perfect.

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Color-Coded Towel Tags

Johnny Miller

Your family and guests won't mix-up their white towels if you use color-coded hanging loops. Suspended from pegs, the towels will dry quickly and stay neat, while offering up a pop of color that sits pretty against a stark white towel.

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Minimalist Roll Holder

Joseph De Leo

Stow spare rolls of toilet paper in a cloth bin for an easy and sleek alternative to overstuffed cabinets. And, you'll know at a glance when you need to refill the stash.

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Shaker Peg Rail

white bathroom tile wall
Janelle Jones

The peg rail acts as an easily accessed catch-all for your necessities, from wet towels to baskets filled with toiletries and hair tools. And the best part is how easy it is to mount, and even create yourself.

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