22 Cauliflower Recipes That Will Make You Want to Eat This Popular and Versatile Vegetable All the Time

heads of cauliflower

Cauliflower steaks, cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza crust...we love them all, but there are also plenty of other delicious ways to enjoy this hearty vegetable. Join us as we celebrate the cauliflower renaissance. Cauliflower is delicious roasted, steamed, or even raw, but it's also stellar in soups, salads, or riced.

Health Benefits

Cauliflower is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, potassium, and folate. Vegans and vegetarians love the meaty nature of this hearty vegetable. Truly, it was only a matter of time before this cruciferous wonder vegetable had its chance to shine beyond its former supporting side dish status.

Shopping for Cauliflower

Though you can find cauliflower in the grocery store year round, it's true season begins in October and extends through April, giving you plenty of time to explore its many possibilities. When shopping for cauliflower—whether white, orange, or purple—look for unblemished heads with tight florets and fresh-looking leaves.

Storing Cauliflower

At home, you'll want to store cauliflower heads wrapped in plastic or a reusable produce bag for three to five days. We doubt the vegetable will hang around that long, though—there are so many tempting ways to enjoy it. Need more proof? Browse our best cauliflower recipes. We're certain they'll inspire a new dinner idea.

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Grilled Cauliflower with Spiced Yogurt Sauce

grilled cauliflower with spiced yogurt sauce
Yuki Sugiura

A spectacular vegetarian main starring our favorite cruciferous vegetable paired with cucumber salad and yogurt sauce. We steam, then grill the head of cauliflower to make sure the interior is tender while the exterior has a tasty brown crust.

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Cauliflower Faux-tato Salad

cauliflower faux-tato salad served in a pink bowl
Linda Xiao

A must for your next cookout! Steamed cauliflower is tossed with celery, onion, and a mustard vinaigrette for a carb-free salad with satisfyingly tender bites that gets even better the next day as the flavors meld.

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Baked Pasta with Cauliflower and Swiss Chard

cauliflower swiss chard bake
Julia Gartland

The humble cauliflower will always make comfort food more cozy. Here, it stars along with Swiss chard and Gruyère cheese in a comforting, meatless baked pasta.

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Charred Cauliflower with Clementines and Olives

roasted cauliflower and citrus dish
Marcus Nilsson

Beautiful and delicious, this dish has it all. Cutting cauliflower into steak-like cross-sections before roasting makes the vegetable feel more substantial. It's topped with Kalamata olives, clementines, fresh parsley, and a white-wine vinaigrette for a delectable Mediterranean-style side dish.

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Sweet-Potato-and-Cauliflower Mash

sweet potato cauliflower mash
Louise Hagger

Better than mashed potatoes? Definitely a winner for color and nutrition, this mash is amped up with milk, butter, and a touch of nutmeg and cayenne.

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Wild Salmon with Edamame-Cauliflower Rice

wild salmon with edamame cauliflower rice served in a pan
Kate Mathis

Turning cauliflower into rice is a great way to incorporate more vegetables into your meal. Cooking it in the oven means it comes out crispy. Make it really healthy by adding edamame and serving with heart-healthy wild salmon. And the clincher: This winner meal is made on just one sheet pan.

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Cauliflower-and-Chickpea Pitas with Creamy Yogurt Sauce

Cauliflower-and-Chickpea Pitas with Creamy Yogurt Sauce
Chris Simpson

If you hadn't considered using cauliflower as a sandwich filling, this recipe will inspire you! Cauliflower and chickpeas are roasted and spiced for this plant-based entrée that's inspired by the falafel and there's a bright, zippy lime-jalapeño yogurt sauce drizzled on top.

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Cauliflower-and-Mushroom Roast

Bryan Gardner

Our deconstructed take on a grilled cheese sandwich uses roasted cauliflower steaks as a base and crunchy toasted bread as a garnish. Umami-rich mushrooms and nutty Gruyère turn them into a satisfying vegetarian dinner.

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Tuna-Noodle Casserole with Cauliflower

Linda Pugliese

And you thought tuna-noodle casserole couldn't get any better. The classic returns with cauliflower snuggled among the pasta.

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Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce

Marcus Nilsson

Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will appreciate the appeal of this hearty knife-and-fork dish. It's made by cutting a head of cauliflower, trimmed stem and all, vertically into thick slabs, then roasting it until it's crisp and browned on the outside but still tender inside. Serve each "steak" with romesco sauce or try tapenade, chimichurri, or salsa verde.

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Cauliflower Salad with Roasted Chickpeas

cauliflower salad with chickpeas
Bobbi Lin

We love the combination of raw cauliflower, cooked crisp-tender green beans, and crunchy roasted chickpeas in this salad. Fresh parsley and dried currants complete the dish.

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza Margherita

cauliflower pizza
Bryan Gardner

Homemade pizza? Yes, please! If you haven't made a pizza using cauliflower as the crust, today is the day! Margherita is the classic topping but feel free to swap it for anything you like.

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Steamed Cauliflower with Walnut Vinaigrette

steamed cauliflower walnut vinaigrette
Sidney Bensimon

Crisp-tender cauliflower is topped with a sensational dressing made from walnuts roasted with garlic and Parmesan, capers, parsley, and red-wine vinegar.

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Bucatini with Cauliflower, Capers, and Lemon

James Ransom

Try this novel technique for a fast vegetarian meal: finely chopped cauliflower is broiled atop the pasta. Yes, it's a one-pan dinner!

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Baked Cauliflower Custards

Chris Court

Why does a dish always seem fancier when made in individual portions? Here we have roasted cauliflower with dairy upon dairy upon deliciousness (plenty of butter and milk plus Gruyère and Parmesan).

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Roasted Chicken with Cauliflower "Tabbouleh"

roasted chicken with cauliflower tabbouleh served on a black plate
Lennart Weibull

This creative winter salad calls for cauliflower to be grated and tossed with lemon, oil, and herbs. It's a radical and delicious take on the classic bulgur salad. Served alongside sliced roasted chicken breast over a bed of baby kale and shredded carrots, it's a standout dinner.

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Pickled Chile Cauliflower

Christopher Testani

Is there really nothing cauliflower can't do? We think not! Case in point: It makes an excellent pickle.

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Cauliflower-Spinach Dip

Bryan Gardner

Similar to hummus, this dip replaces nutty chickpeas with rich, buttery cauliflower and nutrient-dense spinach but keeps the tahini. The result is a dip that's—dare we say it?— even better than hummus and definitely prettier.

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Potato, Cauliflower, and Cheddar Bake


Potatoes and cheese have been friends for years, but why not add cauliflower to the mix? Here, our favorite vegetable adds a pleasant crunch and nutty flavor to this creamy casserole.

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Creamy Cauliflower Soup


Oh so easy and so smooth, this super simple recipe calls for cooking florets in chicken broth then blending. There's no dairy—the cauliflower magically creates a creamy texture.

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Roasted Cauliflower with Flageolets, Turnips, and Pistachios

Gentl and Hyers

Purple cauliflower is a moody, delicious accompaniment to flageolet beans in this colorful plant-based dish that's as balanced as it is beautiful.

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Easy Cauliflower Gratin

cauliflower gratin

This casserole is simple to make and comforting to eat. Your family will enjoy it paired with any protein!

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