Meet All of Martha's Pets Over the Years


See photographs of Martha's pets now and through the years, from her first cat Chiggi to the beloved Chow Chow Genghis Khan. Plus, learn some fun trivia about her furry friends.

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Empress Qin
Martha Stewart

To know Martha Stewart is to know how much she loves all animals of all kinds. Whether it's dogs, cats, or even miniature donkeys and chickens, she's found room for dozens of creatures over the years in her home, on her farm, and in her heart. And lucky for all of us, Martha loves sharing her pets with everyone else, whether it means posting photos of them on social media or even bringing them onto her television shows.

One of Martha's most well-known pets is her Chow Chow, Genghis Kahn. The cuddly, fuzzy, black-tongued dog often shows up on her Instagram, but he's only the latest in what's been a long series of Chow Chows in her life. G.K.'s grandfather was Paw Paw, another one of Martha's beloved Chow Chows, and she's also given a home to Max and Zu Zu. Chow Chows aren't her only dog love, though. Martha's had several French bulldogs, including Francesca, Sharkey, Bete Noire, and Creme Brûlée. If you think those dogs mean there's never been room for cats, think again. Martha's had many cats over the years, from her first cat, Chiggi—who was adopted from a shelter—to Himalayans Vivaldi and Verdi. She also has cats named Uncle Vanya, Weeny, Teeny, and New Kitty.

From those dogs and cats to canaries, chickens to pet chinchillas and more, it's hard to imagine an animal that Martha wouldn't want to give a home. Want to know more about the menagerie of delightful creatures that have been lucky enough to live with Martha over the years? Read on!

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The Frenchies

Laura Moss

Martha's French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, have been by her side for more than 10 years. How did a pair of happy-go-lucky Frenchies become the fabulous celebrity pups you know today? Francesca (originally born with the name Raven) and Sharkey (whose namesake comes from Martha's best friend) were regular guest segments on Martha's television show and even had their own blog, The Daily Wag. Sharkey (who has since passed away) lived to be 10 years old. Since then, she's added two more Frenchies to the family: Bete Noire and Creme Brûlée.

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Ghenghis Khan


It's no secret that Chow Chows are among Martha's favorite breeds. Meet the famous Ghenghis Khan. Ghenghis—or G.C., as we like to call him—was a Chow Chow and the great-grandson of the late, great Paw Paw.

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Martha has always loved animals. This was her first cat, named Chiggi, who was adopted from a shelter. We are told she was a very sweet kitten, and also very affectionate. Martha said that as Chiggi grew she became quite the hunter. Can you guess who that is holding Chiggi?

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Paw Paw

martha with her chow chow

Here's our old pal Paw Paw, G.K.'s grandfather. He passed away just before his 13th birthday in 2008. In addition to taking part in television commercials and several national print ads, he had been part of numerous photo shoots and was a familiar face on Martha's television show, in her magazine, and on her blog.

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Chin Chin and Paw Paw

martha stewart sitting with chow chows
Vanessa Lenz

This is Chin Chin and Paw Paw together. Chow chows are an ancient breed from China that Martha came to love for its proud, nonobsequious nature and its ingrained purpose of guarding the home.

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Max and Zu Zu


Here are two more of Martha's adorable Chows, Max and Zu Zu.

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The Canaries


Martha has been raising for canaries for years, and now her flock lives in a cage that she designed based on one built in France in 1900. What an elegant home for these lovely birds! Martha's best birdkeeping tip? Before introducing new canaries to the cage, it's important to first clip their long nails, which can actually prohibit the birds from moving freely in their new home.

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The Chinchillas

Valerie Shaff

And these fluffy adorable critters? Martha has owned 15 pet chinchillas over the years. Although they're social animals, chinchillas are also extremely territorial; if you adopt more than one, it's best to keep them in separate cages. They also scare easily, so they respond best to being held in a calm manner. If your chinchilla becomes overly excited, you can pacify him or her by applying gentle pressure to the ear with your finger.

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Laura Moss

The gorgeous Himalayan Vivaldi lived to be 19-years-old, a few years after his twin brother, Verdi, passed away. Martha once held an impromptu birthday party for her Himalayans at Bedford, featuring tiered cakes made with all-natural cat food and sprinkled with kibble.

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Laura Moss

This scratching post was made from a fallen tree on Martha's property. It's 18 inches tall, but you can make yours any size.

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Uncle Vanya


Dear old Uncle Vanya, another beloved adopted pet of Martha's. We've heard that he had so much character.

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New Kitty


Martha told us that friends who were moving gave her New Kitty to care for. She didn't mind because New Kitty was very sweet.

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Here is Weeny. She has a sister named—what else?—Teeny.

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This is Max, in a photo with Martha from her gardening book. He was a Blue Maximilian Chow Chow that Martha called the king.

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Electra and Sirius

Gentl & Hyers

Here, Electra and Sirius play in Martha's kitchen.

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Empress Tang


This is Empress Tang, who, with her sister, Princess Peony, is a dominant calico Persian. They were born on May 11, 2009, and moved in exactly four months later. Among others of Martha: Persians Princess Peony and Empress Tang.

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Princess Peony


This is Princess Peony, Empress Tang's beautiful sister. "Empress Tang and Princess Peony have acclimated nicely to their new home and are so joyful, as only kittens can be," Martha reports.

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The Chicks


Martha has kept chickens for years, which provide wonderful and colorful eggs for the farm. These little peeps represent 22 different breeds, including Speckled Sussex, Mille Fleur Bantam, and, of course, Araucana, whose gorgeous blue eggs Martha has made into an instantly recognizable signature.

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Dandy the Cow


In the summer of 2008, Martha decided to give "cow-sitting" a try, and hosted two miniature Hereford cows. They look just like regular-sized Herefords, but are about half as big. By late fall, Dandy and Clover, as we came to call them, returned home where they had indoor shelter for the winter. They enjoy a diet of grass and dandelions. This is Dandy, the male.

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Clover the Cow


And this is Clover, the female.

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Empress Qin and Emperor Han

martha Stewart's dogs, empress Qin and emperor han
Courtesy of Martha Stewart via Twitter.

These two chows are a precious brother and sister. They're the children of another chow, Peluche.

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Martha's Peacocks

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha's farm is home to a thriving brood of peafowl, many of which were hatched right on her own farmland. Peafowl are very social animals and live in a coop on the farm, where they can dwell on the ground, like they usually prefer, or roost up on ladders.

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Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Pomeranian guard geese have made their home on Martha's farm for years, and in 2015, a gaggle of Sebastopol geese joined them. Both types of geese like to get together to guard over the chickens.

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Billie, Clive, and Rufus

mini horses
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Donkeys are happiest when they are with their friends, Martha reports. This trio loves to play with toys, each other, and visitors.

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black cat
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Blackie here is friendlier than you'd expect from a black cat: He greets every visitor he sees.

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Martha's Pigeons

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

A flock of 20 fancy pigeons joined Martha's farm in 2017. Martha reports that they are all happy, heathy, and having a wonderful time in their new home.

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Rutger, Rinze, Sasa, Meindert, Ramon

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

These horses have a good life in the stable. They get regular dental cleanings and acupuncture, and they even take trips to Maine.

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Ban Chunch

mini horse ban chunch
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

And this adorable Fell pony joined the farm in 2014.

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cat sitting on chair
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

This beautiful Himalayan cat, one of several named for famous composers, passed away in 2016. Here, he sits on one of his favorite chairs.

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Harrison Ford

mini horse outside stables
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Even Ban Chunch was excited when this 10-year-old Shetland pony entered the scene!

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