Storing and Packaging Cookies

hands reaching for cookies
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You can't give cookies as a gift in these beautiful packaging ideas without baking cookies first! For more holiday cookie recipes and packaging ideas, download our complete guide.

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Storing and Packaging Cookies

hands reaching for cookies
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Proper storage can ensure your cookies stay fresher longer. And our packaging ideas take advantage of household items to make gift-giving easier.

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Storing Cookies


Layer cookies between waxed or parchment paper. This keeps them from sticking together or losing crispness. Metal tins keep cookies firmer than plastic bins. Let cookies cool before storing.

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Don't Combine Crisp and Soft Cookies


When storing cookies, do not combine crisp and soft cookies in the same container, as this will cause the crisp ones to soften a bit. You can restore the crisp texture of cookies that have softened by heating them in a 300-degree oven for about 10 minutes. Let the cookies cool completely before serving.

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Packaging Cookies


Many of the materials for making cookie gift packages are probably already in your home -- ribbon, paper bags, a cardboard oatmeal container. Keep in mind how much room your cookies will take up in whatever container you select -- and how much filler you will need to cushion them, depending on how you plan to deliver the gift.

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Line Containers


Always line cardboard containers with parchment or waxed paper. And you should make sure that cookies have cooled completely before you package them; the steam given off by warm cookies will make them soggy.

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Packaging Idea: Mix-and-Match Cookie Tins


A mixed tin is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Line the bottom and sides of a square or rectangular airtight tin with corrugated paper. Fold short lengths in half for dividers.

Envelop your cookies in tissue paper, buffer them with corrugated paper tubes, or protect them using accordion-folds of paper. You can also tie a stack of cookies with baker's twine.

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Packaging Idea: Kitchen Molds


Kitchen molds make attractive gift containers, and they serve the recipient well long after the cookies are eaten. Here, pudding molds lined with parchment make excellent vessels for soft cookies.

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Packaging Idea: Bread Pans


Long lidded bread pans, swathed in bright taffeta or velvet ribbon, are the perfect container for delicate cookies such as biscotti.

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Packaging Idea: Cellophane-Wrapped Cookies


Labors of love as pretty as home-baked cookies needn't be hidden by paper or cardboard. Here, neat rows of chocolate-espresso wafers and orange-ginger rounds are rolled in cellophane, and the ends are finished with ribbons.

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Packaging Idea: Card-Stock Packaging


Enclose a delicious cookie treat in this inventive packaging for a perfect homemade gift.

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