14 Dog Crafts That Are Personalized for Your Canine Friend

dog silhoutte
Scott & Zoe

Who could be more deserving of our love and affection than the family dog? After all, Fido makes a loyal friend in both good times and bad times—keeping us active, comforting us when we're sad, and contributing positively to our overall health and wellness.

If you have a creative knack and can-do spirit, try one of our dog crafts to delight both owner and canine alike. You can make clothing and accessories, toys, natural cleaning and pampering solutions (like, say, our paw balm), homemade treats, and personalized keepsakes. When you're in the kitchen, don't forget the four-legged member of the family. Pumpkin dog biscuits, paw-print cookies, and cooling banana popsicles are easy to make and will be greatly appreciated. You can even personalize them with your pet's name. Pupcakes topped with peanut butter frosting make an especially savory sweet for your next special occasion—say, Fido's adoptaversary?

Around the home, there are plenty of projects waiting to be started for his happiness and comfort. Any young puppy benefits from ID tags, a reflective leash, and a water-resistant coat. For active dogs, a collapsible water bowl is ideal quenching his thirst on hot summer days. For a senior pet with arthritis or back pain, a feeding station with raised bowls is built for him in mind. And, of course, any small dog would love to curl up and nap inside a revamped suitcase-turned-bed. All of these crafts will inspire you, either for the love of dogs or your own in particular.

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Water-Resistant Dog Coat

Laura Moss

Pamper your pooch with these well-fitted, adjustable water-resistant doggy coat. It's a favorite of Martha's French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, for staying dry and warm on cold winter days.

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Canvas Tote

dog tote
Scott and Zoë

Transform a canvas tote into a "doggie bag." A U-shape cutout lets your small pooch enjoy the scenery. To make it, use sharp fabric shears to cut a dip into the side of the tote. The depth and width of the U shape will depend on the size of your dog's head, but be sure to leave at least half an inch between the opening and the bag's handles. Cut cotton webbing long enough to cover the U shape. Fold webbing over the raw edge, and use a sturdy needle to hand-stitch it to the opening.

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Pet ID Tag

Johnny Miller

With our downloadable templates and easy-to-find materials, you can create a customized ID tag for your pet.

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Travel Cushion


Dogs will love the comfort of this soft bed made from towels; you'll love the convenience. It's lightweight, easy to roll up and pack, and even machine-washable.

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Pet-Bed Suitcase

pet bed suitcase project
Ashley Poskin

Instead of tucking a basic pet bed out of sight, create a custom one that acts as both a retreat for your buddy and a unique piece of furniture for your home.

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Diamond Dog Necklace


For the most pampered pup, these sparkling necklaces are simple to make with grosgrain ribbon and dangling rhinestone trim.

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Collapsible Dog Bowl

travel dog bowl
Ashley Poskin

Out for the day? This easy-to-make bowl is the perfect traveling companion for your dog. Fill it with dry food and cinch it closed for easy transport, or loosen it to lay flat and store in your bag for a water bowl when you're on the go.

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Elevated Feeding Station

raised dog bowl
Michael Mundy

This easy-to-build dog feeding station raises your pet's food and water to a more comfortable level and keeps your floor neat.

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Dot-Painted Pet Bowl

Johnny Miller

A dot-print personalization with your pet's name matches the retro look of an enamel bowl. Print your pet's name on a piece of paper in desired font, adjusting size to fit bowl. Cut out each letter. Cut a piece of transfer paper slightly larger than each letter. Place transfer paper under the first letter and tape both to the bowl; repeat with remaining letters. Using a pen or stylus, firmly trace the outline of each letter. Remove the letters and transfer paper; a faint design should be visible on the bowl. Pour paint into an applicator bottle. Practice making dots by squeezing the bottle gently over scrap paper, then apply the paint to the dish following the traced design with evenly spaced dots. Use a straight pin to unclog the tip, as necessary. Wipe away mistakes with a baby wipe. Let the paint dry for two hours, then wipe away the transfer lines with a baby wipe. If the bowl has a rubber ring along its bottom, remove it. Bake the dish according to the manufacturer's instructions; let cool before reattaching rubber ring.

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Simple Pillow


It's a dog's life—and a cushy one at that. This soft bed, suitable for small pooches, can be refreshed with a quick switch of covers. You'll need two same-size dish towels, two-inch-thick foam (cut four inches shorter and narrower than the towels), and iron-on Velcro fasteners. Lay towels on top of each other, good sides facing. Sew three sides, about 1/2 inch in from towel edges. Turn inside out, insert foam, and iron the fasteners to the open side. For a neat appearance, fold that end as if gift-wrapping a box and use the fasteners to keep in place.

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Reflective Dog Leash

Johnny Miller

A walk with your dog is always a healthy activity. This simple, no-sew adjustment to your dog's collar and leash makes your evening walks safe thanks to reflective tape that makes you and your dog visible to traffic.

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Paw Balm

paw balm small jars
Chloe Mackintosh

The ice, snow, and salt from pavements can do a number on your dog's paws. A homemade balm—of natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax—is the perfect ointment to keep his paw pads healthy this winter.

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Spider-Dog Pet Costume


Martha's beloved French bulldogs are all dressed up for Halloween, too. Francesca, disguised as a devious black widow spider, is out to catch the little moth Sharkey in her web!

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Moth-Dog Pet Costume


Martha's Frenchie Sharkey decided to transform herself into a magnificent moth for Halloween with grey felt wings and shiny antennae.

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