15 Great Recipes Starring Grapes


Grapes are a familiar, perfect, and portable snack. Because of the appealingly juicy sweetness we tend to think of these ubiquitous fruits as a standalone food, eaten straight from the bunch. But grapes are in fact highly versatile ingredients, with a surprisingly wide range of application. From rustic to sophisticated, simple to complex, grapes have a winning ability to adapt to dishes that are sweet or savory, smooth or crunchy, hot or cool. Raw or cooked, chopped or whole, puréed or frozen, grapes can inform and define a diverse menu, from drinks and snacks through salads, entrées, and desserts. We think they add interest and complexity to any stage of a meal.

Grapes can be the backbone of condiments, as well as the sought-after treasure inside a chewy focaccia. They are the delectable filling for buttery shortcakes as well as the cool refreshment in a no-churn sorbet.

Even crisp seedless grapes, which are available year round in the grocery store, can be transformed by slow-roasting and clever pairing: In a simple supper of roasted chicken they dissolve in a bed of stuffing, caramelizing as they cook. And their characterless candy-sweetness is improved in a quick and piquant pico de gallo.

In late summer and fall it is worthwhile to hunt down seasonal grapes and to remind ourselves that grapes have a harvest time and flavor all their own: Seek out flavorful Concords (and their cousins) or distinctive Muscats, then indulge in a festival of grape celebration using our gallery of recipes to guide you.

When shopping for these fruits look for grapes that are plump, with smooth unbroken skins; they should also be firmly attached to the stems. The omnipresent green seedless ones are at their sweetest when they have a pale-yellow hue. Often, grapes are covered with a whitish "bloom," which is a natural protection against loss of moisture and spoilage.

When you get home, check over the grapes and discard any damaged ones, place bunch in a plastic bag, and refrigerate for up to three days. Rinse just before using.

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Garden-of-Evil Punch

garden of evil punch
Addie Juell

Packed with moodily dark fruit this luscious punch is a showcase for whole, in-season bunches of grapes. And it tastes even better than it looks.

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Farro Salad with Oven-Roasted Grapes and Autumn Greens

farro grape salad
Marcus Nilsson

This assertively herbed and nutty farro salad is filled with the honeyed texture of roasted grapes. To celebrate their season, use musky Concord grapes to add a final flourish of flavor (just swallow the seeds!).

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No-Churn Grape Sorbet

Aaron Dyer

The freshness of mint with lemon juice balance the seedless sweetness of the grapes in this refreshing sorbet. All it takes is five minutes (plus freezing time).

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Green Fruit Bowl with Frozen Grapes

Christopher Baker

Have you ever frozen grapes? You should! Mixed with soft green melon and kiwi and dressed with thyme-scented syrup, frozen grapes are the luxuriously lingering mouthful in this fruity riff on a green salad.

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Oven-Dried Grapes

Aaron Dyer

Slow-and-low: Baking entire bunches of grapes in a cool oven for eight hours transforms a familiar fruit into a compellingly more-ish partner for cheese. Bake more than you think you need. They disappear fast.

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Grape Pico de Gallo

Aaron Dyer

The sweet crunch of seedless grapes is turned savory by the addition of cilantro, hot pepper, and bright lime. Ready in under five minutes this is an effortless topping for ripe avocado, grilled corn, or a charred steak.

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Roasted Chicken Breasts with Grape Stuffing

Roasted Chicken Breast With Grape Stuffing
Marcus Nilsson

This one-skillet comfort meal is a showcase for bone-in chicken breasts roasted on top of a fragrant stuffing. Grapes, white wine, and the chicken's roasting juices infuse the ciabatta pieces with flavor while the top crackles with brown goodness.

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Grape Focaccia

winemakers focaccia martha bakes
Mike Krautter

With a sticky pocket of juice oozing jammily around each fruit this yeasty focaccia is destined to become a staple. Tear it apart and serve with soft cheeses.

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Roasted-Grape Shortcakes

grape shortcake martha bakes
Mike Krautter

A fragrant filling of grapes roasted with thyme and cinnamon makes these buttery shortcakes distinctly different.

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Polenta Grape Cake

Mike Krautter

Rosemary and honey bring out the best in the seedless grapes that stud this simple and rustic cake.

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Panna Cotta with Roasted Grapes

William Brinson

The quiet silkiness of panna cotta is the ideal backdrop for the rich juices of roasted grapes.

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Red Fruit Salad with White Balsamic and Black Pepper

red fruit salad with white balsamic and black pepper
Pippa Drummond

The secret to this vivid fruit salad is the vinegar-reduction with pepper, which adds a bracing backdrop to the soft summer fruits.

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Roasted Grape and Burrata Crostini

Gabriela Herman

Roasting well-seasoned grapes with rosemary is the secret to this creamy-crunchy appetizer.

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Grape Jelly

Christopher Testani

Choose Concord grapes to get that classic grape jelly flavor, but any variety will fit the bill for this recipe.

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Concord Grape Tart

grape jam tart martha bakes
Mike Krautter

Did we save the best for last? The distinctive early fall flavor of Concord grapes is celebrated in this buttery tart. Cooking and straining the fruit removes their seeds and captures their fleeting aroma.

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