20 of Our Best Handmade Gifts for Her

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Finding a gift for your sister, daughter, mother, or friend—especially when the recipient already seems to have it all—can be a daunting task. In our minds, the perfect gift is one that simultaneously shows her just how much you care while also speaking to one of her unique interests. If checking both of those boxes is important to you, a handmade gift is the way to go.

Not only is it infinitely more fun to give someone something you've made yourself, but handmade gifts can be made in big batches and are simple to personalize—so your recipient will know she was truly being thought of. From DIY jewelry to homemade spa treatments, there are plenty of handmade gifts perfect for any lady in your life on our list.

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Tassel Earrings

fringe tassel earrings
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Tassels come in all kinds of colors, sizes, and styles—not unlike your unique friend! Pick a pair that best suits her personality, add a bit of hardware to turn them into statement accessories, and see them swish and sway with grace.

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Fabric Flowers

James Ransom

Stitch together a bouquet, fill up a cute basket, or add a few onto any handmade gift—however you decide to craft these fabric blossoms is sure to delight any giftee.

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Drawstring Jewelry Pouch

Lennart Weibull

Perfect for her favorite rings and other shiny, little things, a drawstring pouch made from a bit of printed fabric is always a sweet and simple gift idea.

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Hoop Earrings

Raymond Hom

Simple to make so chic, any lady in your life will adore these sophisticated hoop earrings. In fact, they might just become her new go-to pair.

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Grapefruit Lip Sugar Scrub

grapefruit lip sugar scrub
Anusha Rajeswaran

Give her another reason to pamper herself (and in style!) with a DIY lip sugar scrub that packs a refreshing citrus punch.

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Sewn Felt Slippers

Juliana Sohn

Inspired by moccasins, each of these slip-ons is constructed from a single piece of felt, available in an array of colors. If you live where winters are truly cold, warm toes are the ultimate gift.

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Pressed-Flower Bar Soap

pressed flower soap bars
Anusha Rajeswaran

We recommend using a variety of dried flowers to make this stunning bar of soap—think wax flowers, spray roses, calendula, lavender buds, and other greenery. Opt for something lightly scented or unscented if the recipient has sensitive skin.

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Snowdrop Block-Printed Tea Towels

Juliana Sohn

These towels use two of the most simple, versatile printmaking methods: block-making and stenciling. Combine these techniques for one-of-a-kind towels.

First, print the snowdrop block-print templates, then trace the flower template onto tracing paper with a graphite pencil. Place the marked side down on a carving block and rub the rounded handle of a linoleum cutter over the paper to transfer its design. Use a linoleum cutter with a V-shaped attachment to carve the design onto the block. Dip a roller in paint, blot on paper, then roll onto the block. Stamp the print onto the towel; repeat. This design can be staggered in a half-drop repeat or stamped in columns.

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Dip-Dyed Candles

Dana Gallagher

Perfect for the minimalist who just wants to add a touch of color to their space. Simply dip the base of a candle in beeswax tinted with crayon shavings for a simple, but elegant gift.

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No-Knit Rosette Scarf

rosette scard

Rendered with luxurious yarns such as mohair, these florets look decidedly modern. It owes its diaphanous look to two strands of ultra-thin yarn—each a different shade of pink—used as one (wind them together around the tool once). Instead of linking the florets in straight rows, position the middle of groups of three off-center.

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Photo Canvas Cases


For the lady in your life that's always on the go, this sleek pouch holds her keys, phone, and other indispensables. Double-sided fusible webbing lets you attach a photo without sewing.

Simply size your photo to fit on the pouch, keeping the finished image at least 1/4 inch from the edge of pouch. Print on cotton, and remove the backing. Place a scrap fabric between iron and your printout, then iron the cotton to the webbing. Cut the photo to desired size. Remove webbing's backing, and iron onto your canvas case. Let cool; spray with fabric protector.

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Body Scrub


You need only four ingredients to make these moisturizing exfoliants. The base can be made from either Epsom salts or sugar, depending on whether you want a large or fine grain.

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Seed Bead Bracelets

seed bead bracelets on figure
Pernille Loof

All you need are a handful of their favorite colored seed and glass beads, plus a bit of embroidery floss, to string together a stack of these charming arm accessories.

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Cozy Mittens


The gift of warmth is not to be underestimated during winter. Not only are these hand-knit mittens insulating, but you can select as many as three colors for each pair of mittens, making them easily customizable to your giftee.

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Kumihimo-Braided Bracelets and Lariats

woven bracelets and necklace
Chelsea Cavanaugh

For an heirloom accessory, all you need to learn is a single skill: kumihimo (translation: "gathered threads"), which is an ancient Japanese braiding technique. The secret to these surprisingly simple projects is a kumihomo disk, a tool that keeps strands in place as you twist them into lariat necklaces or wrap bracelets.

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Cold Process Soap

cold process soap

Made by combining oils and sodium hydroxide lye with your giftees favorite oils, scents, and colorants, cold process soap is a simple, but thoughtful gift for the loved one that appreciates an all-natural, sustainable present.

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Knotted Headband

velvet and satin headbands

Give her a new look with these luxe knotted headbands. Elevate the accessory even further by using crushed velvet or a satin silk blend as your fabric.

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Knit Slippers

knit slippers

A pair for her and a pair for you! These warm socks look elevated, but only require basic knitting skills—if you can knit in the round, you're well on your way to re-creating the cozy design.

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Sleep Mask


Give your giftee her best night's sleep yet with this simple DIY mask. The sewing project is a cinch to make and is perfect for frequent fliers or anyone chasing a deeper sleep.

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Gingham Knit Blanket


If you can knit a scarf, this equally simple blanket will be on the top of your gift list. It's as simple as piecing together several quick-to-knit strips. Choose a yarn color that complements your recipient's current home décor aesthetic.

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