Classic Martha Ideas


We've collected some of our favorite kitchen ideas -- the clever, practical, and always beautiful ideas that Martha put her own unique stamp on.

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Frost a Layer Cake


While she wasn't the first to frost a cake, she taught everyone how to finish a cake like a professional baker.

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Brick Pressed Sandwich


Martha was always apt to share a delicious idea and recipe -- no matter what country it was from. Here, she shares the technique for an Italian pressed sandwich or panini.

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Tomato Paste Saver


Never a fan of waste, Martha always had ideas to save time and ingredients. Here a way to conserve tomato paste.

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Slicing Bacon Strips


Martha could always be counted on to provide an easier solution to a common kitchen frustration.

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Martha's Meyer Lemon Anniversary Cake


Prior to her television show and magazine, most people had never heard of or seen a Meyer Lemon (the fruit's richer, sweeter cousin). Here she celebrates the Meyer with an impressive anniversary cake

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Scented Geranium Pound Cake


Adding a simple edible flower to a classic recipe elevates its taste and its beauty.

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Less Mess Bacon


This spatter-free technique puts the "bake" back in bacon

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Martha's Stain Chart


This handy stain guide is still asked for time and time again.

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Removing Tarnish

José Picayo

Leave it to Martha to share a clean, natural solution for polishing silver.

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Unsticking a Drawer


Given her love of antiques, it is no surprise Martha shared this idea for stubborn piece of older furniture.

An old, wooden bureau can be a cherished piece, but after many years of service, its drawers may not open and close with the same ease they once did. Give them a helping hand: Rub the undersides with a wax candle, and they will slide open like new.

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Cleaning Votive Holders


Another quick, mess-free solution -- this one for your home candles.

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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet


Martha's foolproof technique for folding a fitted sheet has made linen closets more organized the world over.

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Removing Red Wine


A classic Martha solution to a classic dilemma.

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Ribbon Bulletin Board

Ribbon Board

Another classic example of taking the utilitarian to beautiful heights.

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