Decorating With Candlesticks

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A Balanced Display


A multitude of candlesticks -- in this case, an even-numbered quartet -- gives some dimension and drama to the dining room table. Placing the candlesticks equidistantly along the table ensures a sense of balance still rules.

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Create a Harmonized Display

David Meredith

Two matching candlesticks, one placed on each end of the mantel, provide a graceful framework for the circular mirror overhead and bring a sense of balance and harmony to a traditional setting.

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An Elegant Grouping


Grouping candlesticks in pairs and trios creates a sense of plenty; potted plants set between the groupings bring lushness to the display.

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A High-Low Effect

Lucas Allen

For a less expected display, place candlesticks of varying heights on just one side of a mantel. Arrange dishes on the mantel's opposing side to create a high-low effect with the tall, narrow tapers.

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Handcrafted Wooden Candle Holders

Transform wooden feet for your sofa into beautiful modern candle holders. They add a simple yet elegant touch to your mantle or dinner table.

Get the Handcrafted Wooden Candle Holders How To

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Create an Off-Kilter Effect


In a more casual or spare setting, juxtapose candlesticks of different heights along the table; display them a little off-center for a fanciful touch.

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Classic Elegance


A pair of classic candlesticks flanking a floral centerpiece creates an elegant table with a timeless look.

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A Tasteful Trio


In Martha's cottage, a trio of amber-and-gold Venetian glass candlesticks makes an elegant statement atop a Victorian flip-top desk.

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Elegance Enclosed

Sang An

Rooms can contain old-world treasures and still embody an up-to-the-minute spirit. Here, sterling candlesticks gain new dimension when encased in handblown hurricane lamps.

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Fitting Candles into Candlesticks

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