Sewing Projects: Clothes and Accessories

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Learn how to sew clothes for yourself or your kids with these creative projects.

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Darling Dress

Kate Mathis

You can make a stylish dress or blouse from this versatile pattern. Lightweight cotton or linen will hang best.

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Beaded Bags


Sew beads, sequins, and pretty fabric to a simple bag -- and suddenly it's a dazzling clutch, ready for a night out.

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Extra Special Sweaters


Use basic sewing supplies like knit tape, ribbon, and marabou to bring texture and pops of color to your store-bought cardigans.

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Easy Reversible Scarves


One side is soft, cozy wool; the other is light, cheerful cotton. To speed assembly and personalize each piece, you can use one wool fabric and pair it with multiple matching cottons. The best part is that one size fits all.

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Girl's Shirt Dress

With this sweet adaptation of the classic button-down, a little girl can channel the guy she adores -- Dad. The dress, which fits most children ages 4 to 8, has a drawstring neckline and sleeves.

How to Make the Girl's Shirt Dress

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Beach Cover-Ups (for Almost Anything)

Yunhee Kim

Stitch pouches in just the sizes you need to protect beach reads, your phone, and other gear from splashes and sunblock splatters.

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Reversible Hats


These adorable hats are reversible and will keep the sun off of your little one's face. We also have adult-sized templates, so you can make one for yourself.

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Easy Ways To Fix A Sweater


If you normally take your knits to a tailor to fix small holes or loose buttons, it's time to mend your ways. Making minor repairs to sweaters at home is easier than you might think, and can save time as well as money.

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Silk Poppy Accessories

Ditte Isager

Create these silk poppies and adhere them to a thick ribbon or belt for a fetching accessory that is simple to make with our easy-to-follow how-to.

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Elegant and Easy Dress


This sleeveless dress is so easy to make, it can be sewn in 11 speedy seams.

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Dress and Espadrilles

Kate Sears

A few well-placed stitches can transform summer staples into colorful coordinates.

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Baker's Apron


Learn how to make a comfortable and festive apron for your favorite chef.

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Halter Dress


All it takes to make this pretty halter dress are three bandannas and some cotton twill tape.

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Bermuda Pants


Create a breezy pair of Bermuda pants out of two printed bandannas and cotton twill tape.

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Handmade Bow Ties


Make a patterned bow tie for the classy gentleman in your life.

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