Make Your Own Cozy Throws with Our Best Blanket and Quilt Patterns

patchwork quilt draped over a chair
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Who doesn't like to bundle up under the covers when the weather turns cold? Warm up with our collection of cozy blankets, quilts, and throws that you can make yourself.

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Anna Williams

Few things keep you warm and cozy quite like a homemade blanket. Whether you're trying to warm up on cold winter mornings or summer evenings when the air conditioning becomes a bit too chilly, a great quilt or throw blanket is something you'll reach for all year long. That's why we're sharing knitting patterns for homemade blankets and quilts to help you get comfortable no matter the season, your skill level, or your preferred crafting medium—we have projects for those who like to knit, crochet, and sew.

If you're a beginner knitter, start with an Arm-Knit Blanket. There's no need to invest in knitting needles just yet as all you need for this cozy blanket is yarn, scissors, and your own two hands. If you're ready to try a knitting project that requires the standard tools, then our Patchwork Knit Blanket is just the thing to make before the weather turns crisp. Ideal for those intermediate knitters, or those who know their way around a knitting pattern, this project blends crocheting and knitting for a craft-filled final masterpiece.

If you're more into sewing than knitting, we have blanket and quilt projects for you, too. Weighted blankets have been known to help alleviate stress and anxiety, and our Weighted Blanket pattern does not disappoint. The final product is made with cotton and rice, and laying beneath this soft and slightly weighted blanket is a calming, relaxing way to unwind at the end of a busy day. Hand-sewn quilts often become family heirlooms and keepsakes, which means they're great for gift-giving or memory-keeping projects. One of our favorite projects is the Memory Quilt. Take cherished items, like outgrown baby clothes, and form them into a patchwork quilt to keep as your child grows.

Ahead, explore our favorite knitting and sewing patterns for homemade blankets and quilts.

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Knit Blanket

Christopher Baker

If you can knit a scarf, you can make a blanket. (You don't even need to add or reduce stitches!). Following our diagram, sew the pieces together with the marigold yarn, using a loose mattress stitch.

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Gingham Knit Blanket

Dana Gallagher

Knitters, here's another blanket project for you. This blanket comes together with quick-to-knit strips, much like knitting scarves: When scarves of alternating stripes are sewing together, they create a gingham pattern.

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Quilt with Knots

baby quilt ties
Lennart Weibull

In addition to being very sweet, the tassel-like ties hold the quilt together in lieu of stitches—in fact, they're called "quilt knots." And if there's no newborn in your circle, the finished product also makes a nice lap warmer on cool nights.

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Arm-Knit Blanket

completed arm knit blanket folded over white bench
Shanna Sullivan

Forego the knitting needles and use your arms to quickly create this easy blanket. The knitting pattern is straightforward, and all you need is yarn and your own two hands.

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Patchwork Blanket


Shapes cut from a variety of cream-colored felted sweaters are pieced together to create a 3 1/2-by-5-foot blanket. Choose knits of a similar weight, but vary the patterns. Cut out and arrange the pieces so that the patterns point in different directions. Secure with a zigzag stitch. Order the pieces so that those with hemmed edges form the perimeter of the blanket, or hem the edges.

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Weighted Blanket

pink weighted blanket on gray couch
Anusha Rajeswaran

Sew your way to relaxation with this weighted blanket pattern—it uses rice for some comforting weight.

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Patchwork Quilt

patchwork quilt draped over a chair
Johnny Miller

Making this patchwork quilt is downright easy. Hone your sewing skills and tap into your creativity with our pattern.

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Moving-Blanket Pet Bed

dog laying on herringbone-stitched quilted dog bed
Lennart Weibull

This one's for all of your furry friends. The final product of this simple sewing DIY is a dog bed your pet will love.

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Memory Quilt

Linda Pugliese

A baby's clothes acquire history so quickly: There's the blanket they came home from the hospital in, the overalls they wore while learning to crawl, the flannel pajamas they fell asleep in at night. For those items too precious to give away, or too stained to pass along, there is a solution more creative and less cluttering than a box in the attica baby memory quilt that is sure to become an heirloom.

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Flat-Sheet Duvet Cover

flat sheet duvet cover
Pippa Drummond

One simple way to spice up the décor in your room is with a homemade duvet cover. This easy pattern walks you through making your own.

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Suede-Fringed Throw


All that's needed to make these throws is about two yards of fabric wool or wool/cashmere and enough pre-made fringe to sew across the width of the fabric twice.

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Simple Baby Quilt


This charming baby quilt is an easy-to-make gift, perfect for new moms.

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Microfleece Baby Blanket


A baby blanket should be soft, warm, attractive, and, most important, washable. Microfleecea thinner version of Polarfleecemakes a cozy baby blanket; it meets all of the aforementioned requirements and is reasonably priced, too.

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