15 Beautiful Easter and Spring Centerpieces


If there's ever a season for arranging your own centerpieces, it's spring. You can decorate a showstopping table by gathering just a few in-season flowers and displaying them in a pretty vessel. Creating a lush setting for your Easter celebration is effortlessly simple when you have the pick of some of spring's most vibrant pastels, including lilac, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and other colorful varieties. The centerpiece can act as inspiration for all of your table settings, including place cards and other floral arrangements on display in your dining room.

Many of our best centerpiece ideas don't require you to go out and buy a new vase—utilizing the fine china, serveware, and even craft materials in your home will help you create an eye-catching arrangement. Spring centerpieces call for fresh flowers, which means you can feel good about using earthy elements to fashion your seasonal centerpiece including moss, willow branches, stone, and grass.

If you're preparing a special centerpiece just for your Easter table, you can lean into the egg motif. There are plenty of ways to create egg-themed centerpieces with our crafts, including an egg tree, eggshell votives, and crepe-paper flower egg holders. These wonderful crafts are kid-friendly, meaning everyone can get in on the fun this Easter. Whether you choose to go the floral route or opt for a more personalized DIY project, we're sharing our best ideas to create vivid spring centerpieces for any tablescape. These stunning examples will surely help you hatch a new idea to surprise and delight your guests.

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Pussy Willow Egg Centerpiece

painted egg centerpiece
Courtesy of Johnny Miller

Appearing early in the spring, pussy willow is one of nature's earliest reminders that the garden will flourish again. Light, supple, and strong, the stems of pussy willows can be easily woven into baskets or bent into frames for other useful objects.

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Tulips and Daffodils in a Nest


This nest cradles an exuberant mix of blooms from spring-flowering bulbs—the botanical counterpart to newly hatched birds. Birch branches circle an ordinary wooden basket, giving the nest its ethereal, light-as-a-cloud appearance.

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Wheatgrass Basket Centerpiece

wheatgrass with foam ducklings in easter basket
Gieves Anderson

Wheatgrass makes a wonderful Easter centerpiece and provides the perfect background for displaying decorated eggs, flowers, and chocolate bunnies.

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Moss-Egg Centerpiece

Gentl and Hyers

Moss is one of the many happy harbingers of spring, as winter's blanket of snow melts to reveal a refreshingly green natural carpet. Bring its bright color and soft texture to the table by molding eggs in a variety of sizes from sheet moss. Flanking the results with blown-out bird eggs and branches of quince blossoms spotlights their size and hue.

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Lilac Centerpiece


Lilacs' subtle color variations are perfect for creating painterly, layered arrangements. Gather blooms in two or more hues, and group them by color gradation in a heavy vase.

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Egg-Tree Centerpiece


Bring the whimsy of scherenschnitte, the German art of paper cutting, to your tabletop décor. Blown-out eggs, dyed and adorned with seasonal silhouettes, dangle from a cluster of quince branches to make this centerpiece.

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White-Chocolate Bunnies Centerpiece


Pastel-hued rabbits in various shapes, sizes, and colors are very whimsical, and you can whip up extras to give to children or other guests. Silver egg cups hold hard-cooked eggs, and silver julep cups are filled with plump tulips.

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Egg-and-Crepe-Paper Flowers Centerpiece


Exuberant egg-and-crepe-paper daffodils and tulips are a breeze to make—and you don't have to worry about the arrangement wilting.

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"Chocolate" Rabbit Display


Faux-chocolate rabbits stand guard over nests of candy eggs; the rabbits are made of acrylic and can be displayed year after year. While you can use elements from your backyard to create your nests, colored mohair yarn could work in a pinch.

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Tiered Bouquets


Enliven your next buffet with an arrangement of eggcup bouquets displayed on cake stands. Choose small-budded flowers in similar hues, such as tulips, lily of the valley, paperwhites, and daffodils. Place a small round metal floral frog in each eggcup to help shape and weight the arrangements. Water daily for a long-lasting centerpiece.

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Botanical Centerpiece

Easter table settings
Dominik Tarabanski

Wrapping paper is the building material for this artful centerpiece. Pick colors that echo your linens, and form shreds into a nest. Anchor it with découpaged eggs, then set everyone's place with a fritillaria stem or two—and you've just decorated your table for a song.

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Flower Arrangements in Eggshells


Hollowed-out eggshells make naturally beautiful vases for tiny flower arrangements. Break an egg at the top of its shell, drain the contents, and carefully rinse out the inside. Next, fill the empty shell with room-temperature water and place it in an eggcup for stability. Finally, insert small cuttings of your favorite blossoms (we used lilacs, lily of the valley, and violas). Individually or grouped together in a centerpiece, these tiny arrangements make a wonderful addition to the place settings at your table.

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Garden Flowers in a Glass Compote


Even short stems stand tall when placed in a lofty glass compote. Here, brilliant violet Muscari latifolium and tight blooms of ranunculus get a boost in a lush, dense display. Floral tape is the secret to the arrangement's structure: Taping stems in bundles produces an interesting, angular effect in the water while a grid of tape across the mouth of the dish keeps everything in place.

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Spring Pussy Willow Nests


This time of year, birds instinctively put the materials at hand to good use. Here, the downy, gray catkins of pussy-willow branches soften a densely woven nest, while dried grasses inside cushion fragile decorated eggs.

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Spring in a Pot Centerpiece

egg centerpieces
Justin Bernhaut

No special flower-arranging skills are needed to make these brunch-table centerpieces—just a few hallmarks of spring: blades of grass, muscari blooms, and a cache of pretty eggs.

Place a small container inside a larger flowerpot. Fill in the gap between the two with potting soil, and water lightly. Tear off small clumps of wheatgrass (gently, keeping soil and roots intact), and arrange them on top of the potting soil. Fill in with muscari. Place a small ball of wire mesh in the small container, and pile quail eggs on top. (If using an ostrich eggshell, no mesh is needed.)

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