These 19 Holiday Cocktails Are Full of Festive Cheer

Eggnog Being Served in a Bowl
Bryan Gardner

There's a good chance that your guests will arrive at your holiday party feeling merry already, but handing out one of these festive cocktails as soon as they enter could help them feel downright jolly. If you're looking for a classic holiday cocktail that you can make (and serve!) in a big batch, there are almost too many options to choose from. But it's a good idea to try and select a sip that will complement any snacks or bites you may be serving or to choose one or two spirits to pour all night (after all, too many options might be downright overwhelming).

Some of the holiday-themed drink recipes on this list are on the lighter side, which makes them good options for pairing with appetizers or a quick-meet up at home. They make use of bubbly Champagne and fizzy mixers, and might be considered a warm break from the bitter cold outside. Case in point: Our Vin D'Orange punch, a fresh take on a mulled batch cocktail that is steeped in rosé and vodka for up to a week before you actually dole it out among chatting friends and tinkering glasses. Other cocktails, however, are heavy hitters: They're designed to warm your soul after a bout of sledding or a hefty snowball fight, with some featuring dairy and a mix of spirits. Our classic eggnog—which features a rich custard base layered with robust bourbon, cognac, and rum—is just the thing to serve when subzero temperatures threaten to follow your guests inside.

Whether you choose champagne, tequila, vodka, or rum, these holiday recipes will keep spirits high all night long. Pair them with our festive holiday menus or seasonal bites that'll be sure to double the fun.

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Daniel Webster's Punch

Meredith Jenk

Massachusetts senator David Webster allegedly gave this potent punch recipe to a friend before he died in the mid-nineteenth century. Our iteration combines fruit with black tea, rum, sherry, Bordeaux, and Champagne.

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Bryan Gardner

There's no substitute for homemade eggnog during the holidays! Our latest, greatest version combines silky custard with three types of booze—bourbon, rum, and cognac. Don't miss our step-by-step guide.

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Cranberry Margarita

Emily Kate Roemer

Margaritas aren't just for summer! Cranberry simple syrup makes the frozen cocktail festive enough for the holidays.

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French Martini

Emily Kate Roemer

What makes a martini French? The answer is Chambord, a raspberry liqueur produced in the Loire Valley. It's paired with vodka, pineapple juice, and a lemon twist in this sweet cocktail.

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Champagne Fizz

Meredith Jenks

Candied ginger and angostura bitters are all you need to dress up Champagne for a holiday party.

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Cranberry Mule

christmas mule cocktail
Emily Kate Roemer

DIY cranberry simple syrup takes the classic Moscow Mule to new heights.

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Bourbon-Cranberry Shrub

Marcus Nilsson

You can make the cranberry shrub for this holiday cocktail up to three weeks in advance. Just add bourbon and seltzer on the day of the party.

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Sherry Martini

Marcus Nilsson

Team vodka with Lillet Blanc, amontillado sherry, and just a dash of angostura bitters for a perfectly balanced cocktail. Garnish with an orange peel.

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Rye-Whiskey Switchels

Mike Krautter

Never heard of a switchel? The ginger- and cider vinegar-based soft drink was the New England farmer's drink of choice back in the 19th century. We've updated it with sorghum syrup and rye whiskey.

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Vin D'Orange Punch

James Merrell

Apparently patience is a virtue when it comes to punch, too. This recipe calls for making the spiced rosé-and-vodka base a week ahead so that the flavors have time to meld.

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Sparkling Black and Tan

Marcus Nilsson

We love the juxtaposition of dark, nutty Guinness with sweet sparkling apple cider. A lemon wedge adds a bright note.

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Marmalade Whiskey Sours

David Malosh

Just the thing for that jar of marmalade languishing in your fridge! Mix it with bourbon, lime juice, sugar, and angostura bitters for a sensational party-ready cocktail.

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Ginger Red-Wine Spritzer

Romulo Yanes

Fresh rosemary adds a lovely woodsy aroma to this fruity, bubbly Pinot Noir-based cocktail. Try pairing it with our tasty Spinach Pizza Rolls.

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Sparkling Celery Gimlets

Martyn Thompson

Our boozy riff on Cel-Ray soda combines homemade celery syrup with lime juice, gin, and seltzer. Serve with celery seeds and stalks.

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Maple-Bourbon Cider

Romulo Yanes

A pinch of cayenne pepper turns up the volume on this refreshing cocktail made of bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup, and apple cider. We love serving it with luxe finger food like our Bacon-Wrapped Ginger Shrimp.

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Vodka-Mocha Cocktail

Aaron Dyer

Never choose between a dessert cocktail and a cup of coffee again! For the best of both worlds, shake up a shot of espresso with chocolate, sugar, vodka, and ice, strain, and finish with whipped cream.

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Adonis Punch

Mike Krautter

Serving big-batch drinks like this fruity gin-and-rosé punch at holiday parties is definitely the way to go. Guests can help themselves, and you can focus on hosting!

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White Out

Mike Krautter

Freshly grated nutmeg and aromatic star anise give this creamy gin-based cocktail a flavorful boost.

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Juniper Champagne Cocktail

Marcus Nilsson

The addition of homemade juniper syrup and fresh pine sprigs makes champagne feel even more festive.

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