Our Most Creative Mother's Day Flower Ideas

flowers and candles for Valentine's Day dinner
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Celebrate Mom this Mother's Day with something fragrant, gorgeous, and that shows how much you care: flowers. Something that's sure to make her smile, flowers come in so many varieties and vessels. While a classic bouquet is always a good idea, up the ante this Mother's Day with one of these distinctive creations.

Picking the type of flower to give Mom is definitely a piece of the puzzle, as is choosing the right container to house them. For a classic look with a unique twist, place flowers in a tall glass with blooms overflowing for a lush feel. We also like the idea of gifting an arrangement that can easily transition from indoors to outdoors—use a basic white platter to display flowers inside of small bowls featuring flickering votive candles. For the modern, minimalist mom, place single blooms in small, low holders so individual stems are on full display. The green bottoms of the plants are an easy way to brighten up any space, while the blooming flowers are the gorgeous, eye-catching centerpiece of the arrangement.

We also like the way fresh flowers look when displayed in a decorative watering can. Not only will she love the rustic look, but your mom can also use the can to water her garden long after the original plants wither. Or simply forego live flowers altogether for a long-lasting gift that's full of wow-factor. Dried flowers are perfect for the mom that's not afraid to step outside of the box. Not only are they beautiful and easy to create, but dried flowers also last much longer than their fresh counterparts. Another option is to craft your own bouquet from paper. Our Paper Peonies are a timeless choice that Mom is sure to love for years to come.

From detailed wrapping to a group of single flowers, your mom is sure to love all of these Mother's Day flower ideas.

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A Detailed Wrapper


Give a classic bouquet an instant upgrade by wrapping it in style. A colorful cone-shaped wrapper protects against thorns and drips, while a paper corset adds a cheeky, unexpected touch. For a simple swap with a big impact, try snipping scalloped edges in white parchment paper.

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Light and Floaty

Create an easy outdoor centerpiece using a basic white platter and Mom's favorite buds. Float the flowers in small bowls and arrange with votive candles for a modern look.

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Double Duty Gift


She won't have to toil over these flowers, but their makeshift vase can still pay homage to her green thumb. A humble watering can takes on new life when filled with fresh cuttings, and the final product boasts an undeniable rustic charm.

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A High-and-Mighty Display


Raise a glass to Mom with this unique but tasteful display. Violet Muscari latifolium and tight blooms of ranunculus get a boost in a lush, dense compote arrangement.

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Earthy Arrangement


When done right, flowers can be cool instead of cutesy. The former is achieved with this arrangement of lush hosta leaves and lavender hydrangeas, fitted into a tree-trunk-inspired vase.

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Ombré Bouquet


She may not be able to get on board with dip-dyed hair, but she'll love a touch of ombré in her flowers. Stems of blue-violet larkspur and delphinium form an arrangement that's at once subtle and opulent.

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Color-Coordinated Blooms


Help your mom get in touch with her inner flower child. Mingle dainty Spanish bluebells with chive blossoms and lamb's ears to create an arrangement rife with texture and visual interest.

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The Power of a Single Flower


Here, a single flower proves as captivating as a full bouquet. Choose a spiky stem and a slender vase in a coordinating shade for a striking visual effect.

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A Group of Vases

vase within vase arrangements
Aaron Dyer

Give Mom the gift of multiple vases, with a bouquet spread amongst them. This adds the visual appearance of an arrangement while showing her just how much you care.

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Dried Hydrangea

Aaron Dyer

Dried flowers are always a good idea. Low on maintenance and high on décor, dried blooms are the perfect Mother's Day gift for the woman who isn't afraid of something different.

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Paper Peonies

Addie Juell

A fun DIY and a gorgeous gift, craft peonies from paper for a gift that will last.

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Wood Vases

Eileen Baumgartner's wooden flower vases
Sarah Van Liefde

Incorporate even more doses of nature in Mom's bouquet this year with a modern twist. These wooden vases have a glass bottom so you can see when flowers need more water. Bonus: It adds an instant and easy decorative element to any room.

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Stem from a Place of Love

flower stems in a vase arrangement
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Display flowers so stems are in full view for a modern look. Mom will love this idea, and its bare aesthetic makes sure that each flower really counts.

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