15 Bite-Sized Thanksgiving Appetizers That Your Guests Will Adore

David Malosh

As guests gather, give them a little something special to eat while they're waiting for the big feast. Serving bite-sized appetizers that are easy to prepare on or before Thanksgiving is a surefire way to keep everyone from asking, "When will the turkey be ready?" This collection of delicious mini appetizers is just the solution.

When preparing Thanksgiving appetizers, keep the recipe simple and ingredients list minimal. Smoked Trout and Cucumber bites require just three ingredients and are super easy to slice, layer, and serve in just about 15 minutes total. Similarly, the only cooking required for Persimmon and Brie Crostini is toasting the baguette for 10 minutes, then melting the cheese and sugar on top for just another two minutes. Quick, straightforward, and an absolute delight to snack on before the turkey.

Or get a head start on bite-sized Thanksgiving appetizers by prepping parts, or all, of the dish beforehand. For example, the dough for homemade crackers, like these Whole-Wheat-and-Sesame Crackers and Fig-and-Almond Crackers, can be prepped and frozen for up to three months, then baked off and served with dried fruit, jam, and cheese. It saves you time day-of and the finished product is incredible.

Can't pull your crowd away from the football game? Serve a game day-inspired appetizer in front of the television. These Loaded Potato Bites combine all of the elements of a baked potato in one flavorful appetizer—and they look adorable to boot.

Everyone will enjoy these bite-sized appetizers for Thanksgiving (just remember to save room for the main event!).

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Persimmon and Brie Crostini

Bryan Gardner

Sweet persimmons and creamy Brie cheese are a delicious combination, especially when served on toasted baguette slices and finished with freshly cracked pepper. It's a fresh take on a classic fruit and cheese pairing.

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Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

stuffed mushrooms
José Manuel Picayo Rivera

Packed with a creamy, flavorful combination of goat cheese, breadcrumbs, garlic, and fresh parsley, these vegetarian poppers are sure to be a crowd favorite. They're satisfying as an appetizer but not too hearty that they'll distract from the main course.

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Chorizo, Parsnip, and Olive Bites

Bryan Gardner

Prep work is minimal for these elegant spicy skewers. Briny olives, sweet roasted parsnips, and hot chorizo are an unexpected combination with colors that look just like autumn leaves.

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Chesapeake Crab Cakes

Anna Williams

Feeling fancy? These bite-sized crab cakes might be the ultimate luxe appetizer. The best part is they can be fried in advance, then reheated in the oven, which helps to ease prep work on Thanksgiving morning.

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Cornbread Bites


Mini muffin tins turn cornbread into an adorable, bite-sized appetizer. We're sharing three flavorful combinations—orange-rosemary, jalapeño-cheddar, and caramelized onion-bacon. Try one or divide the batter into thirds and make them all!

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Smoked Trout and Cucumber

Bryan Gardner

Here's an easy and elegant bite! It's made with just two ingredients so be sure to stock up on good quality smoked trout, which stars atop crisp English cucumbers.

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Loaded Potato Bites

loaded potato bites outtakes
Kana Okada

Turn the concept into a clever bite-sized appetizer to serve before the feast. Garnish with all the fixings—sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon, and chopped scallions.

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Deviled Eggs with Relish

deviled eggs with relish
Emily Laurae

The ultimate holiday appetizer! Take classic deviled eggs from good to great with sweet-tangy relish. They'll be the first to disappear from the buffet table.

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Broccoli Fritto Misto

Broccoli Fritto Misto recipe
Yuki Sugiura

A light, airy batter that closely resembles tempura encases broccoli florets for this unexpected but entirely delicious appetizer. It may not be the first vegetable that comes to mind for frying, but it sure is delicious.

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Date, Olive, and Goat Cheese Tart

date olive goat cheese tart
Louise Hagger

This creamy chevre tart is like a cheese plate in a single bite. Luscious dates, salty olives, and pickled chile peppers are all cradled in a buttery pastry shell. Cut into squares so guests can easily grab a bite.

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Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

bacon wrapped brussels sprouts
Bryan Gardner

Salty, sweet, and savory, this appetizer has it all. Halved Brussels sprouts are each wrapped with a small slice of bacon, then roasted. Don't miss the mustard-maple dipping sauce on the side for a sweet ending.

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Shrimp Cocktail with Three Sauces


Treat your guests to an impressive shrimp cocktail spread with a trio of delectable sauces for dippingmango-basil, remoulade, and tomato-horseradish.

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Jalapeño-Bacon Johnnycakes with Avocado-Cilantro Cream

jalapeno-bacon johnnycakes
Lennart Weibull

Somewhere in between pancakes and cornbread are these flavorful appetizers. Chopped bacon and chile peppers are mixed into the batter for crunch, color, and kick. Serve with a dip made from ripe avocado, sour cream, lime zest, and fresh cilantro.

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Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Melon

Marcus Nilsson

Fruit or vegetables wrapped in prosciutto is a go-to party appetizer. Here, wedges of honeydew and cantaloupe provide a sweet counterpoint to the salty ham, but try using seasonal fruit such as figs or persimmons. Another reason to love this bite-sized appetizer? It can be done in a snap on the grill or using an indoor grill pan.

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Pimiento-Cornmeal Croquettes

pimiento cornmeal croquettes
Justin Walker

Creamy and spicy, these croquettes feature punchy pimiento cheese. Make the cornmeal mixture up to two days in advance so all that you need to do on Thanksgiving is bread and fry the croquettes.

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