Kevin Sharkey's Apartment Details

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Chandelier Duo

Paul Costello

With his apartment's renovation complete, Kevin had the pleasure of adding the decorative touches that make the space his own. Take a closer look at some of the apartment's hidden charms.

Kevin spotted his vintage crystal chandeliers at a shop in Palm Beach, Florida. After making their 1,036-mile trip to his apartment, he spent a weekend cleaning the hundreds of pieces. They now are now the dazzling focal point of the dining room.

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Artful Accent


On the credenza in the living room sits a handsome fellow. The vintage polar bear statue-- made of porcelain -- is from New York gallery VBH.

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Silver Collection

Paul Costello

Kevin's collection of sterling silver pieces and trays are tucked inside the dining room credenza alongside monogrammed cocktail napkins -- making impromptu entertaining easy.

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Japanese Laquerware

Paul Costello

Kevin's collection of orange-hued laquerware (also stored in the dining room console) was scored during a trip to Kyoto, Japan.

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Closet Close-Up

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Kevin's bespoke closet allows him to see everything at once -- making his morning routine smoother. A sizable piece of fool's gold sits atop the closet island.

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Bathtub Accessories


Two silver dishes filled with natural sea sponges and bath salts -- and absolute must for Kevin -- sit on the edge of the bathtub.

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Floral Arrangements

Paul Costello

One of Kevin's great pleasures (and pursuits) is arranging artful displays of flowers. In the library, he displays a vase bursting with pink, blush, and white peonies.

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Stereo System

Paul Costello

With an apartment made for entertaining, music is a must. Unobtrusive and sleek, his speaker system allows Kevin to play his favorite artists (Prince, The Beatles) directly from his iPod.

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Easy Snacks

Paul Costello

This shallow silver dish is filled with a revolving lineup of favorite nibbles like pistachios.

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Grooming Products

Paul Costello

Fitted with multiple shallow shelves, Kevin's medicine cabinet allows him to stock up on his favorite skin and hair products from Mario Badescu and Frederic Fekkai.

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Everyday Dishware


Martha helped Kevin organize his kitchen. His sophisticated color scheme continues inside his cabinets with whiteware and drabware plates and cups.

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Upholstered Bench

Paul Costello

This elegant seat gives Kevin a front-row seat for spectacular river sunsets each night.

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