15 St. Patrick's Day Decoration Ideas—From Ornamental Cabbage to DIY Rainbows

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Feeling lucky? It could be the luck of the Irish. After all, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. On March 17, there's much to do—from cooking corned beef and cabbage and donning your finest green attire to raising a glass in honor of Irish pride. You can (and should!) also decorate as part of the festivities.

If you're looking for a golden idea, you're in luck. Kick off your St. Patrick's Day celebrations with our shamrock garlands, rainbow balloons, leprechaun traps, and more decoration ideas.

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Cabbage Centerpieces

ornamental cabbage spring table centerpiece
Chris Simpson

Ornamental cabbage may not be a centerpiece staple (yet), but consider inviting a few heads to the table—it's lush like a peony yet much hardier, and the decorative veg's bright-green leaves make it a natural for St. Patrick's Day. Just mix in delicate blooms to fashion an arrangement as fresh as an Irish spring. Complement cabbages with flowers in harmonizing hues—like the hellebores, ranunculus, and carnations here.

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Toad Napkin Rings


Good fortune is about to fall into your family's laps. These napkin rings are embellished with toadstools, ladybugs, and frogs—symbols of good luck and prosperity. And they're a cinch to make: Just hot-glue the toys onto grosgrain ribbon and tie them on. For our ombré effect, mix a fabric dye bath in a plastic storage bin, and clothespin napkins around the top edge, hanging straight down so the three bottom inches are submerged. Remove after five to 10 minutes, set per the dye-package directions, and fade out.

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Pots of Luck

purple-leaf shamrock in pot on table setting
Paola + Murray

You don't have to be rolling in clover to appreciate its natural beauty. Instead, welcome St. Patrick's Day with a centerpiece full of four-leaf potential. Tuck a few of the easy-to-care-for perennials, which are readily available at garden centers from spring through early fall, and an equally low-maintenance oxalis (aka purple-leaf shamrock, center), into terra-cotta pots. Both varieties will work their magic long past March—just add sunshine and water.

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Lucky Leprechaun Trap

Mike Krautter

The lore of the leprechaun has been passed down for centuries. The legend goes that these pesky little troublemakers are notorious for causing mischief the night before St. Patrick's Day. Fortunately, there's a way to fight back. Our simple-to-create leprechaun trap will help you and your family capture one—or at the very least, receive a few gold chocolate coins for your trouble.

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Paper Clover Wreath

St. Patrick's Day clover wreath
Kathleen Ballos

Every leaf on a clover plant is symbolic. Each one represents hope, faith, and love. In the event that you get a four-leaf clover, you are in store for extra luck! While this rare plant is typically hard to find, this decorative wreath promises an abundance of them.

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Four-Leaf Clover Napkin Fold

A folded napkin can serve double duty at the table: as clever décor and for practical use. If you're hosting a St. Patrick's Day feast of hearty corned beef and cabbage, greens, or sweet treats, greet your guests with a clover-inspired napkin.

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Rainbow Balloon Arch

balloon rainbow arch craft
Kathleen Ballos

Lead the way to pots of gold—and your St. Patrick's Day party—with this colorful décor idea. The life-size rainbow is essential for a St. Patrick's Day party in our eyes, as it's not only great to entice leprechauns to your festivities, but it's also a perfect backdrop for photos.

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Green Flower Arrangement


Though it is the quintessential color of spring, somehow green only seems to make it into a bouquet incidentally, through a stem or a leaf. Bring in the beginnings of spring with a lively arrangement of greens, considering green tulips, chartreuse gladioli, and lady's mantle. The small vase holds a bouquet of green hydrangeas; behind it is a mix of euphorbias, hydrangeas, and bells of Ireland.

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Shamrock Straw Toppers

four leaf clover straws

Whether you're serving fresh fruit juice or a set of signature cocktails, these swizzle sticks add a happy-go-lucky touch. Here's how to make these easy, celebratory sippers:

1. Cut out 5-inch squares from green card stock.

2. Fold each square in half diagonally, creating a triangle, and then fold in half once more to make a smaller triangle before trimming off the outer points.

3. Unfold the paper halfway and cut a small "V" at the bottom center.

4. Next, unfold the shamrock and crease the paper diagonally, reversing the direction of the fold.

5. Repeat to make another diagonal crease and slide the card-stock shamrock onto one end of a green straw. Now you have your very own lucky straw!

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Shamrock Garland

shamrock garland DIY
Burcu Avsar

Clover is grown in bunches, and similarly, this crepe paper garland unfolds from one clover to dozens. Use our printable template and a rolled party streamer to make a shamrock garland that lets you string up your own luck with ease. This garland is as easy to create as printing the template and cutting out shamrocks from a 25-inch piece of crepe-paper streamer.

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"Follow the Leprechaun" Trail

leprechaun footprints st patricks day craft
Kathleen Ballos

Those mischievous little leprechauns are hard to catch, but easy to spot when they leave behind a trail. Surprise little ones with this secret path to a pot o' gold or chocolate coins. Simply cut shoe-shaped footsteps out of card stock and let them find the way.

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Gold Tabletop Stones

painted gold rocks
Seth Smoot

Hide these golden gems around the yard for a treasure hunt, or display as clusters for a simple, seasonal decoration.Transform everyday river stones into chunks of gold by applying gilding adhesive to the stone and let dry until clear and tacky to the touch. Wearing gloves, drape a gold leaf sheet over the stone, smoothing with your fingertips. Burnish with a soft bristle brush and continue until the stone is covered before letting dry or 24 hours.

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Shamrock Arrangement

shamrock floral arrangement

Whip up this whimsical St. Patrick's Day arrangement with a combination of naturally green Prado carnations and regular white carnations that are dyed green.

1. Soak three 5-inch mini oasis hearts with water and floral food.

2. Connect them with binder clips to create a shamrock shape.

3. Next, gather an assortment of Prado, white, and dyed carnations, cutting the stems at an angle to about 1-inch.

4. Insert them into the oasis, following along the outside of the shape until complete.

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Green Dyed Carnations

dyed green carnations

Transform white carnations into a lucky shade of green (with just four ingredients) in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

1. Mix food coloring with water according to the directions on the package, making sure the water reaches a dark, rich shade of green and fill a vase with this mixture.

2. Next, cut ends of carnation stems under running water and place the carnations into your vase, letting sit overnight. The flowers will soak up the food coloring through the stem, resulting in vibrant green petals.

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Shamrock Potato Print

shamrock potato prints

Dress up your place cards, mats, and napkins on your tables with Shamrock potato prints, which are sure to make your St. Patrick's Day celebration even more festive. This décor will provide "a bit of Irish spirit" to your spread of traditional eats, such as corned beef and cabbage and soda bread (courtesy of Martha!)

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