16 Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes Perfect for Summer Sipping

coconut green tea
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Iced tea is the go-to drink when temperatures rise. Whether you prefer a grassy green or sweet-as-a-peach iced tea, there's no denying that the cooling beverage is ideal for summertime sipping.

Here, we're highlighting some of our favorite iced tea recipes that make use of summertime berries, fresh herbs, and even surprising ingredients like lemongrass.

Make a batch of any of the options featured in this collection and watch as it drains from its pitcher during barbecues, picnics, holiday parties, and more. Or just make some to enjoy when you relax on your porch. From sweet to citrusy, keep these iced tea recipes in your back pocket all summer long.

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Herbal Sun Tea

Herbal Sun Tea
Dana Gallagher

Make a big jar or pitcher of this herbal elixir because it's that good. Rooibos tea is flavored with dried lemon verbena and honey.

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Lemongrass-Mint Iced Tea

Lemongrass-Mint Iced Tea
Pernille Loof

Lemongrass with its assertive citrus flavor is oh-so refreshing when paired with cool mint and honey in this caffeine-free tea. The key to getting that bright flavor to pop is letting all of the ingredients steep overnight.

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Coconut Green Tea

coconut green tea
Armando Rafael

You'll get a caffeine and hydration boost from this recipe, which combines green tea with nourishing coconut water. It's sweetened with sliced peaches and sugar, and given a refreshing boost from sprigs of mint.

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White-Tea Melonade

Iced tea is turned into a slushie in this frozen beverage that's made by puréeing white tea, watermelon slices, fresh lemon juice, and sugar. For an extra dose of fruity flavor, freeze cubes of watermelon to blend into the drink instead of regular ice cubes.

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Rooibos Limeade

rooibos limeade
Christopher Testani

An Arnold Palmer is equal parts tangy lemonade and refreshing iced tea, but in this rendition we're swapping the lemons for limes. The tropical mixture of citrus juice and tea is further flavored by thyme sprigs and fresh ginger, which are muddled into the bottom of a glass alongside lime wedges.

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Hibiscus-Black Tea Spritzer

hibiscus black tea spritzer
Armando Rafael

Give black tea a bright, bubbly finish by cutting it with seltzer water. The carbonated drink is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, especially when you add sweet hibiscus and fragrant orange zest.

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Iced Passion-Fruit Green Tea

Iced Passion-Fruit Green Tea
Ren Fuller

This three ingredient beverage comes together in 10 minutes (plus two hours of chilling time). Simply combine green tea with passion fruit juice, which gives the earthy tea a slightly tart flavor. Don't forget to give the drink a burst of color with a red currant garnish.

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Lemony Spiked Sweet Tea


Iced black tea is livened up with lemon juice and mint, which cuts its earthiness with a burst of citrusy sweet flavors. The beverage can be sipped on as is, or made into a cocktail by mixing in a cup of rum.

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Hibiscus-Mint Iced Tea


If you enjoy fruity beverages, add this one to your list. Apple juice tames the tartness of hibiscus tea, while fresh mint adds a cooling note.

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Vegan Coconut Thai Iced Tea

vegan coconut thai iced tea
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Turmeric gives this drink its orange-ish color and star anise pods add warm spice. Top it all off with creamy sweetened condensed coconut milk and you may just need to make two pitchers.

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Chamomile Cooler

Yunhee Kim

Chamomile and lemon-flavored herbs come together to create a tea that's perfect for any occasion. We used lemon verbena for its sweet flavor, but you can also substitute lemon balm, lemon thyme, lemon basil, or lemon-scented geranium, which are equally tasty variations to this light, soothing blend.

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Iced Watermelon-Lemon Tea

watermelon lemon tea
Ren Fuller

We didn't think an Arnold Palmer could be any more delicious—then we added fresh watermelon juice. The puréed fruit makes the summery beverage even more refreshing.

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Raspberry-Rose-Hip Iced Tea


Use the juice of fresh raspberries or cherries to sweeten your iced tea naturally and give it a beautiful reddish-pink hue. We also add fresh orange juice, which combines with the bright flavors of rose hips.

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Hibiscus and Ginger Iced Tea


This refreshing take on iced tea is brewed from zesty hibiscus, which is naturally caffeine free. Ginger syrup and fresh lemon juice add layers of flavor.

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Peach and Blackberry Iced Tea


Make the most of seasonal fruit by using it to infuse your iced tea. Here, we elevate plain black tea with slices of sweet peaches and a handful of juicy blackberries.

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Hibiscus-Honey Iced Tea


This three-ingredient beverage comes together quickly by combining sweetened hibiscus tea with a lively zing of lime juice. Add rum to the concoction for a spirited addition to your next party, or enjoy it as is.

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