20 Valentine's Day Crafts That Beautifully Feature Flowers

flower print linen pots and bag
Photo: Ryan Liebe

Flowers are a Valentine's Day staple. Whether you're gifting your sweetheart a beautiful bouquet of red roses or opting for a freshly picked bunch from the garden, you can't go wrong.

Here, we're sharing crafts that will last long past the holiday. From chocolate box-inspired vases to faux candy heart tags, amp up a classic bouquet with one of our Valentine's Day crafts that makes use of your partner's favorite flowers. If you're looking to let the creativity flow, make our 3-D Flower Canvas Wall Art. For those looking for more of a challenge, you can paint your own flower-filled vase on a canvas and then add fresh blooms.

Find more crafts that make use of flowers for a welcome update to a classic Valentine's Day gift.

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Floral Soaks

flower and salt soak
Ryan Liebe

This soak features several fragrant flowers: dried roses, calendula, and blue cornflowers. Paired with essential oils and mineral-rich Epsom and pink Himalayan salts, you can present this craft to your loved one on Valentine's Day for the perfect stress-relieving gift. Follow these steps to make the floral soaks:

1. Set aside several whole dried flowers to decorate vials, then combine salts, baking soda, and remaining flowers in a large bowl.

2. Using pencil eraser, slide a whole flower down the inside of a vial; add a few drops of water to "glue" it into place. Repeat to decorate vial with more flowers; then repeat with remaining vials.

3. Using funnel, fill vials with salt mixture. Add a few drops of essential oil to bottom of each cork; stop up bottles. (This will lightly scent the salts without clumping.)

4. Download and print labels on sticker paper; cut out. Place labels over corks to seal vials.

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Pressed-Flower Bar Soap

dried pressed flower soap bars

Small fresh flowers, like wax flowers, spray roses, calendula, and lavender buds, add beauty and nourishing qualities when pressed for this bar soap craft. If you have sensitive skin, opt to use flowers that have little to no scent. For more fragrance, add essential oil, like lavender, to this must-try soap recipe.

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Decorative Tray

pressed flower tray
Ryan Liebe

This tray is a true masterpiece for a table centerpiece, thanks to pressed blooms découpaged on the piece. To make this DIY, first place the flowers, then pick them up one at a time, brush the backs gently with craft glue from the centers out, and plant each back in position. Add a trailing ribbon, and protect your work with several coats of découpage glue or clear resin on top. Top the tray with a pitcher of blooming chrysanthemum tea for a refreshing sip you can share with your valentine.

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Fragrant Bath Salts

lavender bath salts
Jena Carlin and James Rude

Give the gift of relaxation with these flower-infused bath salts. This craft combines the florals of your choosing (we love rose petals and lavender flowers), chamomile, and lavender essential oils for a fragrant mixture you can package in an airtight container.

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Keepsake Boxes

flower boxes
Ryan Liebe

Press colorful flowers that naturally lay flat, like pansies, on wooden boxes for a blooming keepsake. To make the craft, pick up each flower one at a time, paint a little glue on its spot on the box, replace the flower, and brush it with glue, from the center out. Finish with several allover protective coats. As everything dries, visible brushstrokes will disappear.

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A Flower Garden

Flowers in vases on a table
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Romance is in the details, especially at a Valentine's Day dinner. Arrange flowers of different sizes and pops of colors in mini jars. Be sure to fill each vessel with water to keep the flowers hydrated as they top your tablescape, even after February 14.

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Pickled Rose Petals

Richard Banks

To many people's surprise, roses can be put on display to set the mood and on a plate for a delicious appetizer on Valentine's Day. With this recipe, you can pickle unsprayed rose petals in vinegar, honey, and salt for a sweet and salty delicacy to indulge in.

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Pressed Flower Card


There's no better time to share a love note than on Valentine's Day. To accent your beautiful words, feature colorful pressed flowers on the cardstock. Picks such as pansies, violas, and verbenas make a beautiful appearance on cards that will make for a memory-keeping craft your loved one will adore for years to come.

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Flower Cones


If your Valentine's favorite flowers are carnations, make these carnation cones. You can create the easy and sweet carnation bouquets pictured by simply printing our clip art onto heavyweight paper and cutting it out. Then fold the printed clip art into a cone shape and fasten at the tabs using double-sided tape. Finish by binding the stems with floral tape and setting the carnations inside of the cone.

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Bloom-Filled Cloche

Aaron Dyer

Amp up the day of love with a petite and delicate arrangement under glass. First, place floral clay on the bottom of a flower-pin frog to secure it inside of a small, sturdy cup. Fill the cup three-quarters full with water. Set a glass cloche next to it, so you know how high the blooms can be. Then cut flowers and greenery and stick them onto the pins. To finish, set the cup on a plate and cover it with the cloche. Check the water daily—the display can last about a week.

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3D Canvas Wall Art

3d floral wall art

If you're looking to let the creativity flow, make our 3-D Flower Canvas Wall Art. This Valentine's Day give the gift of art with this colorful canvas bursting with real blooms.

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Chocolate Wrapper


The vase underneath this bunch of roses, dusty miller foliage, and nerine lilies is wrapped to look like a box of chocolate. Simply print our clip art onto heavyweight paper and cut it out. Wrap it around the vase and secure with double-sided tape. It's the perfect surprise for the partner that loves chocolate!

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"Candy" Heart Arrangement


This arrangement of parrot tulips and nerine lilies is made even more sweet thanks to the "candy" hearts tucked inside. To make the conversation hearts, print and cut out our clip art and, using string, attach them to an 11-inch piece of wire bent into a curve.

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Heart Centerpiece


On February 14, only one flower will do. It's not that a big bouquet isn't sublime, but a single genus best conveys a message of love: the rose, preferably in lush tones of red and pink. Although long stems crowd every florist's cooler, any romantic knows that beautiful blossoms are the heart of the matter—especially when their stems are cut short and they're gathered into tiny vases or glasses arranged in the unmistakable shape of affection.

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Flicker of an Idea

Eric Piasecki

With the help of these candle and flower centerpieces, the whole table will shine. For each one, use candle wax to attach a small floral frog to the center of a shallow bowl. Push a taper into the floral frog to secure. Pour water into the bowl. Clip amaryllis blooms (or other large flowers) from their stems, and arrange them in the bowl around the candle.

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Floating Heart

Roland Belo

Flowers have always managed to say a lot, but they've rarely expressed sentiments so clearly and directly. This "floating" heart is made with pale shades of common, easily obtainable blossoms, such as carnations, mums, and hyacinths.

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Floral Conversation Piece


A valentine of any age will enjoy the fun messages that this arrangement delivers. Pastel candy hearts proclaiming "Class act" and "Be true" and tulips in complementary colors, such as creamy 'Cheers,' pale-pink 'New Design,' and 'Apricot Beauty,' convey your feelings with more than words.

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Blooming Place Card


Roses by any name smells sweet—so why not create place cards decorated with blooms? Fold a 3-by-8-inch piece of card stock in half, inscribe it with a name, and cut a small hole in the crease. Trim a rose stem to 2-1/2-inches; slide it through the hole. Place in a plastic floral tube.

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Flower-Heart Centerpiece

Charles Schiller

Give petite flowers a larger presence by arranging them in a heart shape. With this centerpiece there are enough blooms for every guest to take a cluster or two home. To ensure that the design stands out, use short, small vessels, such as eggcups. We combined a vibrant collection of ranunculus with all-white details. Candles placed inside the heart will showcase the flowers into the evening.

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Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

If you want to know how to make the most of bunches of loose flowers you have for Valentine's Day, you'll want to tune into this video, courtesy of Emily Thompson, a florist. She shows how to create a simple yet beautiful flower arrangement.

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