Your Most Creative Crafts Rooms


We asked you to show us your crafting spaces, and you amazed us with your simple storage solutions, creative organizing methods, and sheer number of crafts supplies! Now, take a tour of our favorite rooms.

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Budget-Friendly Crafts Room


It's true -- a room this beautiful can be created on a budget! Mommy2malia purchased the counter-height tables from a store liquidation sale and found floating shelves at a local garage sale. Inspired by the signature Martha Stewart blue, she chose a similar shade to accent one wall. What's her organizing secret? "I made sure I'd be able to have enough space to display what I wanted to see and hide what I didn't."

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Bright Walls, Brighter Ideas


While the majority of vnorm1616's office space is white and black, a splash of sunny color on the walls helps to energize the room -- and her projects.

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She Crafts Where She Sleeps


"This is where I cut, sew, bead, embroider, glue, glitter, embellish, crimp, and create all the toys and accessories for my website," says mitziscupcakes of her bedroom-cum-crafts room. It may be cramped, but it's also convenient and comfortable.

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Inspiration Wall


bluepoppyjewelry converted an old printer's drawer into a display area for works in progress as well as small pieces that serve as inspiration. To keep her sterling chains from knotting, she wraps them around vintage wooden spools.

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A (Crafts) Room of One's Own


After 26 years of moving around the world with her Marine Corps husband, kimjo finally has a place to call her crafts room. A peg board above her desk keeps punches, glitter, and scissors in perfect order.

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A Welcoming Workroom


cropinsue transformed an open carport into an enormous scrapbooking room that now accommodates up to eight friends. "Everyone has their own self-healing mat, light, and sidekick," she says. Now that's what we call a welcoming workspace!

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A Little Scrapbooking Haven


carriedw's favorite thing about her scrapbooking room? The slatboard on the walls, which showcases all of her crafting materials. Two desks allow for extra "company" -- in this case, her crafty kids.

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Ama's Sewing Room


"What a joy to sew in a large, bright, and organized room," says lucyluki of her newly expanded sewing and crafts room. A rainbow of embroidery thread is displayed in see-through drawers, and ribbons and paints are arranged neatly on racks.

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Eco-Friendly Organization


HandyBrandy beautifies empty yogurt cups, juice containers, and cereal boxes by covering them with scrapbook paper, then converts them into organizing bins for an assortment of craft supplies. To save space, she attaches them to the wall using hot glue, Gorilla glue, and staples. Genius!

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Creation Station


"I love turning packages into small art projects, and this handy feature of my craft area allows me to quickly remove paper and put it back where it belongs," says sprellwitz of her beautiful display rack. Simply turn a broom mount 90 degrees, and store wrapping paper on dowel rods -- they'll stay wrinkle-free!

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A Sunny Space for Crafting


CreativeNFults' handy husband transformed their dreary basement into a bright and beautiful space that lets his wife's imagination soar.

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Everyday Inspiration


wilsongirl72 changes her inspiration board regularly for a constant flow of fresh ideas. Scrap paper is organized by color and neatly tucked away from sight beneath the table, while tools and stickers are hung neatly on a rack beside her workspace.

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Support Staff


mommygets2's enormous collection of craft punches was displayed on a shoe organizer before her husband devised this ingenious solution. Now, her punches are neatly arranged and supported by cafe curtain rods (with additional brackets for each rod).

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A Cozy Yarn Corner


After finding an old office mailbox at a local thrift store, baaramewe gave it a fresh coat of white paint and secured it to the wall of her crafts room. Voila -- a storage space for this knitter's yarn collection!

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Craft Sanctuary


karcraft has carved out a peaceful space in her home for painting, sewing, crafting, and reading. The island makes it easy to stand while working on larger projects like oversized scrapbook pages, and wheels on the base allow for more floor space when needed.

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Awe-Inspiring Organization


myosotis neatly organizes a dazzling array of colorful papers and rubber stamps in an Ikea bookshelf. In the middle shelf, ink pads are tucked away in clear plastic drawers.

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A Smart Way to Stash Trash


This hinged opening is meant for computer cables, but myosotis cleverly mounted a plastic storage bin under the table so she could easily sweep scraps right into the trash. "The bin is big and slides out for easy emptying," she adds.

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A Knitter's Paradise


A cozy corner of LaylaOsweiler's basement serves as her sewing and knitting studio -- and an arts and crafts space for her two daughters. Yarn is organized in egg baskets from her grandparents' farm, and unused fabric is piled neatly in wood baskets (just $5 each!).

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No, It's Not a Kitchen


It's JanaEubank's scrap room! She stores embellishments by color as well as her most-often used tools like templates and punches in the drawers behind the chair. "I can just turn around and choose what I need," says Jana. "I love it!"

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Storage by Color


When LuluCrafter's oldest son moved out of her home, she transformed his bedroom into a crafts room, even building her own desk top from medium-density fibreboard and mounting it onto scrap cubes. Glitter, ribbons, and other supplies are arranged by color and stored in shelves mounted above the desk.

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Order in the Armoire


LRobb created a cozy sewing and crafts room from re-purposed flea market finds and leftover fabrics and paint. This vintage armoire holds fabrics, ornaments, and sewing and craft supplies.

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Inspiration Through the Ages


craftscafeonetsy repurposed an old Ikea CD tower into a storage shelf for current jewelry projects, inspirational images, tools, shipping supplies, and books. As extra motivation, she keeps photos of her grandparents taken in the 1940s on the walls. "I like to look at the dresses my grandmothers are wearing and remember that they made them themselves!"

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Mommy's Craft Room


"We were putting a dormer on our house, and it morphed into my craft area," explains ncyanks47. "We put a second bench and desk area because one or both of my children are always here with me, crafting, or painting, or coloring!"

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