Cantitoe Corners: Martha's Crafts Room

Photo: Simon Upton
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Room to Imagine

Simon Upton

Martha's attic crafts room has become an outlet for creativity, and the results are evident throughout her Bedford, NY, house. Take a tour in our photo gallery.

Here, Martha's cat Vivaldi pays a desktop visit while Martha works in her crafts room adding silver cord trim she had on hand to simple pillow covers.

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A Creative Refuge

Simon Upton

Here's a full view of the completed attic crafts room.

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Creative Containers

Simon Upton

Martha uses glass jars to store spools of colored waxed-linen twine, a basic acrylic box to dispense seam binding, and small galvanized buckets to hold colored pencils.

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Boxed Goods

Simon Upton

Fabric-covered boxes contain a variety of scrapbook papers. Martha stores the boxes in a row on a bookshelf.

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Supply Sorters

Simon Upton

Slice-and-fit acrylic dividers keep scissors and other small tools in order. A graduated spice rack organizes the many jars of glitter.

Learn More About These Drawer Dividers

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Organizers for Paper and Fabric

Simon Upton

Flat-file drawers house fabrics and papers sorted by color and type -- in this case, cotton fabrics, both vintage and new, which Martha buys whenever she spots ones she likes.

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Classic Details

Simon Upton

Thin metal shelves slide out easily on old-fashioned bird's beak supports (the small notches on the sides), giving Martha easy access to papers in a range of colors.

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Machine Embroidery

Simon Upton

Martha's sewing machine is hooked up to a computer, which reads a CD-ROM of patterns that she purchased and translates them into thread, as on this set of napkins.

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