30 Easter Decorating Ideas That Celebrate the Holiday (and Spring's Arrival)

Photo: Gentl and Hyers

Easter Sunday is a time when family and friends gather together to observe religious traditions, and these celebrations often include some of the most cherished symbols of the holiday, from adorable bunnies to artful Easter eggs. But seasonal motifs, such as pastel hues and freshly-bloomed flowers, have their place at Easter gatherings, too.

One easy way to get everyone into the spirit of the season is by incorporating these classic themes into your home décor. From garlands and baskets to bouquets and decorative eggs, explore our picture-perfect Easter decorating ideas to make sure everyone is in the mood for celebrating.

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Hanging Eggs

entryway ribbon egg plant
Dane Tashima

To double down on symbols of spring, hang dyed eggs from flowering branches, like the dogwood shown here. We ordered blown-out eggs, which come with small holes on each end, and got straight to the fun. Tint them in happy hues, hook ribbon onto floral wire, and pull it through each egg and back to create a loop on top and a wispy tail beneath. If your fabric is wide and textured enough, you may not need to tie a knot under the egg to hold it in place; just snip the ends as desired.

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Ribbon-Tied Eggs

pastel pink and green easter eggs with ribbon
Dane Tashima

Welcome friends with hard-cooked eggs in their satiny Sunday best. Cut a 20-inch length of 1/2- or 3/8-inch-wide ribbon, lay it across a compartment in an empty egg carton, and dot glue at the halfway point. Rest the bottom of an egg on the dot; pull up the sides of the ribbon, hugging the shell; and knot it, securing with another dot of glue if needed. Make a bow and trim the ends to fancy, fluttering lengths. Assemble your "packages" in a bowl along with plain eggs. Extra credit: Add a few naturally patterned quail eggs for scale and variety.

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Egg Garlands

egg garland over fireplace
Dane Tashima

These garlands are truly to dye for. Tint blown-out eggs in different shades of a single color for an ombré effect, or combine a few serene colors that complement your space. The key is using ribbon that's just slightly thicker than the diameter of the holes in the eggs, so they stay put, no knots needed. Form a hook out of floral wire, thread the ribbon onto it, and gently feed it through, one egg at a time, slowly sliding each one down to make room for the next. To avoid breakage, rest completed sections on empty egg cartons as you work. Finish with a bow, and give a mantel, sideboard, or banister some lovely drip.

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Ribbon Flowers

eggs with ribbon flowers
Dane Tashima

Think outside the basket, and nestle sweets into papier-mâché egg boxes adorned with millinery-inspired flowers. These blossoms are no-sew; just fold a length of ribbon in accordion pleats and clamp each end with a binder clip. Tie the bundle in the middle with a thinner ribbon, release the clips so the sides open into a farfalle-pasta shape, and glue the side edges together to create a ruffled circle. Once it's dry, pull a thin ribbon through the center as a "stem." Then trim the box with matching ribbon, plant the flowers on top, and fill 'er up.

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Easter Basket Handles

flower basket table centerpiece
Dane Tashima

Everyday vessels can set a verdant Easter scene. Fill a serving bowl, planter, or compote with soil, moss, and spring blooms. Then grab some flexible wooden strips used for basket-weaving. Cut them to length (ours measure 40 inches), cover one side with double-sided tape, and adhere a ribbon of the same width. Flip it over and repeat, then bend it into an arc and stick it into the moss, securing it to the container's sides with removable adhesive dots (which peel right off post-holiday). Knot extra ribbon on one side, and you've created a masterpiece of a centerpiece.

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Eggs in Grass

table setting egg bowl with ribbon grass
Dane Tashima

Plastic Easter grass has a way of sticking to your carpet for months—and languishing in landfills forever. These placeholders are infinitely more eco-friendly. Fill a bowl with ribbon remnants used in our previous projects, or snip lengths into 3- to 6-inch "blades." (For faster ground cover, pack the vessel with cotton batting first.) Another green touch: Thread a large needle with a skinny ribbon and weave it through the holes of a hemstitched napkin. It's totally charming—and brilliantly temporary.

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Egg Ornaments

Easter eggs hanging from branch
Johnny Miller

Use a stencil or—if you're particularly savvy—hand-paint a series of Easter motifs (we're partial to bunnies and chicks) onto tonal eggs. Suspend them from a flowering spring branch, like cherry blossoms, ahead of your gathering.

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Nestled Egg Planters

egg centerpieces
Justin Bernhaut

Place calm planters, filled with your favorite spring bloomer (we like hyacinths or muscari, pictured here), anywhere a seasonal vignette is needed—on your mantel, on the dessert table, or just outside the front door.

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Bunny Bouquet

Marcus Nilsson

A bunny planter that doubles as a flower arrangement vessel? Now that's genius. Fill up Peter Rabbit's "backpack" with a spray of florals and greens. Try tulips and hellebores for added color.

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Branch Out

floral arrangement for Easter
Dominik Tarabanski

Flowers this free-spirited call for an equally earthy vessel. We slid three grapevine wreaths over a round glass vase of water, then put a ball of chicken wire inside to prop up the wispy stems of hellebore, clematis, nigella, scabiosa, spirea, and garlic blossom. The result is a lush mini meadow in full bloom.

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Felted Nests

fuzzy nest of Easter eggs with a bird
Dominik Tarabanski

This fuzzy little felted chickadee is highly detailed (and from John Derian), but any fledgling crafter can DIY her plush pad. Follow the steps below loosely—no need to be precise (wing it!). As for the quail eggs inside, we dyed a few yellow to darken their natural speckles, colored the spots on others with a gold-leaf pen, then tucked them all in with delicate andromeda clippings.

Stretch wool roving over a store-bought grapevine nest. Carefully poke a felting needle back and forth between the twigs, through the nest and roving, until the fibers fluff up and fuse together (aka "felt"). Continue all the way around to create a downy outer layer.

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Moss Egg Centerpiece

Gentl and Hyers

Speaking of cherry blossoms: They serve as the base of this statement centerpiece runner, composed of moss-covered, oversized eggs (we recommend faux greenery to keep your crisp white tablecloth clean). Punctuate the runner with a few real eggs, in multiple colorways and speckle patterns, for texture.

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Patterned Table

Easter table settings
Dominik Tarabanski

Wrapping paper is the building material for this artful centerpiece. Pick colors that echo your linens, and form shreds into a nest. Anchor it with découpaged eggs, then set everyone's place with a fritillaria stem or two—and you've just decorated your table for a song.

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Blue Nests

blue nest of Easter eggs
Dominik Tarabanski

To play up the beauty of neutral eggs, introduce a jewel tone. This gem of a nest was fashioned from indigo-colored raffia and one tier of a hanging wire fruit basket, ideal for its bowl shape and big openings. Snip off the hardware with clippers, then work the raffia over and under in alternating rows to create a basket-weave pattern. Don't worry if you skip holes here and there; a little unruliness ups the charm. Lastly, put an extra bundle of raffia inside to give your clutch a lift.

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Easter Tree of Eggs

flowering branches in a vase for Easter decorating
Dominik Tarabanski

In Germany and Scandinavia, it's customary to celebrate Easter by hanging eggs from the branches of trees. This year, bring the tradition indoors by creating a unique display for these nests of speckled ones.

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Garden-Inspired Easter Basket

Kevin Sharkey's Easter Basket KS

Martha Stewart's SVP and executive editorial director, Kevin Sharkey, creates a stunning Easter basket inspired by greeting cards he found while on vacation. Filled with daffodils and tulips, the display truly celebrates spring's arrival.

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Sugar Eggs

Gentl and Hyers

Inspired by the Victorian era's ornate panorama sugar eggs, our modern version can be left solid as decorations or hollowed out to hold candy.

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Bird's Nest with Quince Branches


Bring the beauty of spring into your home with this speckled-eggs-and-nest display, which is made by encircling pliable birch branches around an ordinary wooden basket.

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Anna Williams

Wooden-egg candleholders coated in vermilion paint are the perfect way to elevate your mantel. Keep the décor on display long after the last chocolate bunny has been eaten as an homage to spring.

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Nest Eggs

Anna Williams

Wooden nesting eggs with red-painted interiors offer an elevated take on the classic childhood Easter treat. They can be used as favors for a holiday gathering or as décor all on their own.

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Clover Basket


This fanciful green-meadow vignette seems a fitting home for a chocolate bunny. His eyes (dabs of tinted royal icing) and bow tie (ribbon with a glued-on rosette) match his surroundings.

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Red Eggs Wreath

Anna Williams

Symbols of rebirth in many cultures, eggs serve as the perfect star component in this festive wreath. It features both hollowed chicken eggs and quail eggs, whose speckled shells truly look like art once they've been dyed red.

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Tiered Bouquets


Enliven your next buffet with an arrangement of eggcup bouquets displayed on cake stands.

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Daffodil Candy Cups

Anna Williams

Daffodils are a popular spring bloomer. Nod to the seasonal motif by using flower cutouts and baking cups filled with candy to mimic daffodils for your Easter or spring table. To use these as place cards, write names on the petals.

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Decorated Egg Weight

Anna Williams

Use a plastic egg filled with candy to anchor your tablecloth for an outdoor soirée. To create your own, secure gingham ribbon around the egg with hot glue and thread through a hole punched in the tablecloth.

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Iron-On Floral Tea Towels

floral tea towels
Courtesy of Cricut®

Bring the beautiful blooms of spring inside with iron-on floral tea towels. Easy to make and beautiful to display, these towels are a surefire way to add a splash of the season to your Easter décor.

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Egg Garland

egg garland strand
Monica Buck

Dyed in fresh spring hues, our egg chain makes a cheerful seasonal decoration for a mantel mirror; the blown-out eggshells are light enough to loop across a doorway.

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Daffodil and Pom-Pom Chicks Basket


Set inside a rustic boat-shaped birch basket, this cheerful yellow hilltop vista is a breath of fresh air. You can practically hear the chicks peeping in the heartwarming scene.

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Oversize Egg Vase

oversized egg vase with flowers
Ellie Miller

An oversize eggshell filled with flowers unites two symbols of spring in a single arrangement.

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Easter Bunny Garland

easter bunny cupcakes
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

These bunny cutouts multiply quickly, thanks to their simple construction. To bring some festive cheer to your dessert table, march the rabbits across a garland, sit them atop cupcakes, or use them to offer sneak peeks into gift bags.

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