Sewing Projects for the Home


Decorate your home with hand-sewn pillows, blankets, curtains, placemats, and other customizable accessories.

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Custom Window Shade


Whether you have an odd-shaped window or want to use a pretty fabric, try this easy treatment. It's a quick and inexpensive way to get the look of a Roman shade.

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How to Sew an Art Supply Organizer

This lovely artist's organizer is the perfect way to easily store all of your children's art supplies for use at home or on the go.

Get the Artist's Organizer How To

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Quilted Potholders


Thickly quilted with scraps from retired dish towels, these pot holders can take the heat.

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"Oilcloth" Gingham Coasters

Dana Gallagher

Coasters with contrasting stitching pop when placed on a smaller-check gray gingham tablecloth, turned into oilcloth with iron-on vinyl.

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Wool Blanket with Trim


Create a cozy companion to your sofa or bed that fits your exact color -- and texture -- specifications. Have a length of your favorite woolly fabric cut (50 by 60 inches for a small throw; 60 by 90 inches for a large one); then customize the edges.

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Framed Quilt Squares


These striking silk-taffeta squares, which we've framed, resemble a deconstructed quilt. There are only a few shades of yellow and gray here, but so many varying effects (especially since a lustrous fabric like this has a different appearance depending on the angle). This project is perfect for beginners.

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Smocked Gingham Curtains

Dana Gallagher

Put a twist on the classic cafe curtain by smocking the upper edge. Use the gingham’s pattern as your grid.

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Seersucker Napkins

colorful seersucker napkins surrounded by beverages
Raymond Hom

These easy-to-make seersucker napkins are the perfect addition to your home, especially during the summer months when you're hosting outdoor parties. The classic fabric is inexpensive and available at almost any cloth store, so you can mix and match a few colors. Even better, seersucker's slightly puckered texture means there's no ironing required.

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Basket with Liner


Easy to make and functional, the liner for this basket is essentially a tube of fabric cut from the bias. It gets cinched at one end (for the bottom of the basket), while the other end is folded over the edge of the basket.

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Log Cabin Pillows


The lovely old log cabin pattern gets a new look that's far from the frontier. Stitch these chic building blocks into wall hangings, totes, quilts and more.

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Striped Rug Pillows

Ditte Isager

Nautical stripes in faded blues combine with neutrals and naturals for a room that's modern and inviting. We used the same rugs to make two kinds of pillows: a large one (bigger than a bed pillow) and a smaller one with an envelope-style opening.

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Doily Tablecloth


Dress up your table for an elegant dinner party with a tablecloth made from rows of stitched-together doilies.

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Stitched Lampshade

Kate Sears

Use a simple stitch to create an interesting pattern on a basic lampshade.

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Bedding and Pillows with Stitched Designs

Kate Sears

Different versions of the running stitch can unify any assemblage of bed linens, whether you embellish an existing pattern or create a new design.

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Homemade Duvet Cover


Ready-made duvet covers can be pricey, and you may not be able to find one with just the right color or pattern to complement your sheets. Make your own perfect match with two flat sheets.

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Pulled-Thread Table Runner


A neutral-colored runner with a fringed edge makes the perfect backdrop for festive table settings and tabletop decorations.

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Knife-Edge Pillow


This easy knife-edge pillow can be made in two basic styles: with a cover sewn closed by hand, or with a button closure in the back that allows the pillowcase to be removed for laundering.

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Window Shade with Leather Border


Modernize plain window shades by adding a colorful leather border.

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Runner Tablecloth


Two crisscross runners make an elegant tablecloth that protects a surface completely without obscuring the table.

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Slipcovered Headboard


A simple fabric cover refinishes an old wooden headboard (and footboard) without requiring any scraping, sanding, or painting. Choose heavyweight fabric for this project; it works like instant upholstery, softening the lines of the wooden form underneath.

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Fruity Button Napkins


It takes only a few oddball buttons and embroidery floss to transform plain napkins into a harvest of whimsical linens.

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Plastic Bag Organizer


Plastic bags seem to multiply, even if you try to take fewer of them from stores. Make sure you reuse them; it's easy when they're in a handy holder that matches your kitchen decor.

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Patchwork Throw


Turn a diverse collection of castoffs into a dashing throw with a flexible design of squares and rectangles.

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Tuxedo Pillow


The key to easy, embellished pillows? Fabrics with built-in details. A tuxedo shirt creates an elegant cover with a ready-made closure.

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Quilted Coaster Set

Anna Williams

These coasters make a great housewarming gift. Each takes about 15 minutes to complete, so it's easy to plan on making a set of four or six for a generous gift.

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Handkerchief Valance


The tailored look of men's handkerchiefs can add punch to more than just pockets -- it's easy to turn a set of hankies into a room-brightening window valance.

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Floral Pillows


Store-bought cushions spring to life when adorned with pretty, handmade Ultrasuede florets.

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Color-Coded Towel Tags

Johnny Miller

Your family and guests won't confuse their white towels if you color-code them with hanging loops

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Tailored Throw Pillows


Tailor your throw pillows to have neat right angles, perfect for window seats and benches.

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Button-Up Window Shade


This simple shade is quickly and easily sewn and can be raised to two heights to let in varying amounts of light. All you need is French ticking, raw linen, twill tape, and buttons.

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Hanging Dining Nook Pillows

Johnny Miller

Add comfort and color to a dining nook with pillows that hang from knobs on the wall.

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Textured Pillows


Subtler than graphics, textural accents give pillow covers a decorative extra without being distracting.

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Leaf Table Runner


Add a pop of color to your table with this bright, nature-inspired table runner.

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Custom Bed Skirt


It's hard to decide which is the bigger eyesore: an exposed box spring or some of the froufrou dust ruffles currently on the market. One easy, low-cost solution is to cover the box spring with a drape of pretty rectangular fabric.

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