10 Essential Laundry Room Organizing Tips

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If laundry tops your list of least favorite chores, that may have something to do with the way your laundry room is set up. These utilitarian spaces can range in features and design, from makeshift nooks to entire rooms. But if it's not organized properly, a laundry room can feel overwhelming and chaotic, no matter the size.

Thankfully, with some simple solutions to common laundry room layout issues—like where to hang your delicates to dry and a spot to fold everyday items—you'll quickly streamline your space. In an effort to help you make the most of your laundry room, we're sharing our best organizational ideas that will make this your new favorite room of the house.

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Take Everything Out

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Start by taking everything out of the space, including linens, baskets, and detergent. "This helps you to evaluate where you have duplicates, how you can combine like items, or can help with the decision to toss any items that you no longer use and instead replenish with your favorite supplies," says Scott O'Hara, VP of operations for ShelfGenie, a Neighborly company.

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Install Floating Shelves

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To maximize your storage opportunities, consider installing floating shelves along the walls. "These shelves are a convenient way to keep supplies like detergents away from children, but still at your eye level for easy use," says O'Hara. "You can then add detergents and fabric softeners to clear glass jars or vases so they are easy to see and easily accessible."

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Add Matching Baskets

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Keep laundry organized by keeping a series of matching bins for whites, lights, and darks in your laundry room. "House smaller items in baskets to keep everything neat," O'Hara says. "Try using square or rectangle bins that take up less space and baskets with liners can help protect clothes from getting snags."

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Hang a Dowel Rod for Drying

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From sweaters to athletic wear, you likely pull a few things out of the washer that need to hang dry. Creating a space for this in your laundry room is easy. "Mounting a hanging rod or rack to the wall is an easy and convenient solution to drying these items," says O'Hara.

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Perfect Towel Folding

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If you keep towels and linens in your laundry room, precise folding can save room and make your space look tidier. Place the towel flat on your work surface and a standard-size cutting board in the center of the towel. Fold one end of the towel over to the edge of the cutting board; then fold the other side of the towel. After you remove the cutting board, fold the towel in half before storing it.

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Use Labels

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Ensure everything gets taken and put back from its correct spot by adding labels to baskets and shelves. "Labels are a fantastic way to help keep your space organized and help remind others in your home about where things belong," says O'Haha.

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Use a Rolling Cart

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If you don't have space for shelving or don't want to make holes in the wall, consider a rolling cart instead. This creates a storage system for detergent, fabric softener, and more laundry necessities without committing to more permanent solutions.

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Hang Your Ironing Board Vertically

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Ironing boards can take up a lot of space, but they're a laundry room necessity for many. "Depending on the size of one's laundry room, there are a few simple storage solutions for the ironing board," says Malaika Lubega, professional organizer and interior decorator of Huza Home Harmony. "If you are low on space, consider simply using a hook that's strong enough to hang your ironing board on the wall or even the back of the door."

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Add a Bin for Lint

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If lint constantly builds up in your laundry room, install a quick solution. "In my laundry room, I use a lint bin attached to my dryer to contain the lint until I am ready to discard it," says Lubega. "This option helps keep the laundry room organized and clean."

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Create a Dry Cleaning System


A pair of canvas bags—one for laundry, the other for dry cleaning—eliminates sorting later and makes for easy transport. Clear luggage tags on each indicate the appropriate cleaning method. You can also insert your contact information to streamline drop-offs at the cleaner.

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