Spring Centerpieces That Bring the Outside In

spring time table centerpieces crystal vases
Johnny Miller

If there's a season that everyone ubiquitously looks forward to, it's spring. The winter is over at last, and warmer weather is just on the horizon (which is, thankfully, no longer a dull, chilly gray). There's one seasonal element in particular that brings joy during this transition: freshly bloomed flowers. After all, the return of comfortable temperatures is only half of the spring equation. The gardens reawaken, daffodils sprout, and before you know it, your favorite blooms are suddenly popping up everywhere you look.

This is also what makes spring such an exciting time for flower arranging. While we love working with late-summer and early-fall blooms—like dahlias—there's something so exciting about this season's bounty. The sheer number of different flower varieties that become available in the spring is enough to make any florist giddy. You can think of spring as the calendar year's floral magnum opus, which also means that it's the best possible time to bring some of these fragrant, bright blossoms right into your home.

To get you started, we curated several of our favorite spring centerpieces here—use these arrangements, which come in all different sizes and colorways, as inspiration for your own floral creations. Whether you're looking for a simple potted project that relies more heavily on foliage varieties or an elaborate, multi-bloom display that showcases spring's most iconic flowers, there's a centerpiece here to dress up your seasonal tablescape for Easter, Passover, Mother's Day, and beyond. These bloom-filled arrangements will serve as the focal point of all of your parties, whatever—and however—you choose to celebrate.

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chartreuse-centric centerpiece
Ngoc Minh Ngo

The season's signature color is undoubtedly green, so why not craft an arrangement that's a verdant metaphor for spring? Use this chartreuse-centric centerpiece, filled with protea and young foliage, as a guide, breaking up the punchy hue with tones of earthy brown.

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Bud Vases

bud vases anemone, Reeve's spirae, and lilac trees
Kana Okada

For smaller spring gatherings, bud vases—arranged thoughtfully down the center of a table—can replace larger iterations that might overcrowd fewer place settings. Here, anemone, Reeve's spirea, and clippings from lilac trees form a neutral palette; modern, textural clay vases in a myriad of sizes create height and depth.

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A Bowl-Full of Blooms

Dutch delft gravy bowl floral arrangement
Kana Okada

Look to your china cabinet when sourcing vessels for spring centerpieces. An elongated Dutch delft gravy bowl provides the foundation for this colorful display. The cup most certainly runneth over—with dynamic lilies, budding spray roses, violets, and seasonal foliage.

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Trailing Beauty

peonies and garden roses
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Think beyond your focal point's height—arrange too-tall blooms, and you'll obstruct your Easter brunch guests' views—and consider length, instead. Trailing vines of honeysuckle elongate this leafy masterpiece, the center of which is defined by fluffy peonies and garden roses.

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Potted Plants

blue milk glass and pastel eggs stately planters
Christopher Baker

Bring the lush outdoors in (literally!) by filling stately planters with plant varieties you would commonly see outside, like bird's nest fern. This tablescape was softened with blue milk glass and pastel eggs the color of the spring sky.

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Orange Explosion

golden lilies roses ranunculus and poppies centerpiece
Jonathan Lovekin

Stay within a single color palette to replicate this tonal beauty. Its fluffy golden lilies, roses, ranunculus, and poppies—a color that that reminds us of the spring sun—deepen to true orange shades as the eye moves leftward.

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Vessel Play

petite vases were placed in larger holder spring flower clippings
Aaron Dyer

Look closely, and you'll see that this colorful composition is the result of creative vessel play; petite vases were placed in larger holder for visual intrigue, and filled with a myriad of sprigs in different heights.

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foxglove-filled arrangement wood chest home decor
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Move this foxglove-filled arrangement to your Easter tablescape, and it will have the same effect as it does here, on this desk—the soft pink is practically an homage to the pastel-themed holiday.

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Flower Language

Christmas hellebore tiny potted arrangement
Kana Okada

How's this for a seasonal metaphor? Dainty borage buds poke their faces up from winter-blooming Christmas hellebore in this tiny potted arrangement—a symbol of spring blooms making their debut after a long, cold winter.

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Bright Whites

multiple rose varieties green foliage arrangement
Jonathan Lovekin

Neutral enough for any spring holiday—from Easter and Passover to Mother's Day—this creamy arrangement, comprised of multiple rose varieties and offset by plenty of green foliage, provides enough inspiration for a season's worth of entertaining.

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Tea Party

apropos tea rose floral arrangement centerpiece
Jennifer Causey

Hosting a tea party for Mom? Consider integrating the apropos tea rose (in the softest creamsicle-inspired pastel) into your tablescape's arrangements; this display was rounded out with snapdragons and wine-hued Lenten roses.

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Artful Arrangement

peach floral arrangement by max gill
Ngoc Minh Ngo

You'll likely arrange several centerpieces for your seasonal party, but let this inspire the biggest one—mixed stem heights, an incredible number of flower types, and a spring-ready color palette make this oversized display a true work of art.

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Pink and Blue

Gabriela Herman

Play with oppositional colors in your spring arrangements (we love how these bright blue delphinium play off raspberry-toned poppies)—after all, the season signals the return of color in a big way.

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floral centerpiece tangerine flax color palette
Alpha Smoot

Round out smaller arrangements with elements you place directly onto the tabletop (no vessel needed!). Here, small clementines speak to the sunny centers of the daffodils, placed in textured jute holders.

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Nested Blooms


This nest cradles an exuberant mix of blooms from spring-flowering bulbs—the botanical counterpart to newly hatched birds.

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Layered Lilac


Lilacs' subtle color variations are perfect for creating painterly, layered arrangements. Gather blooms in two or more hues, and group them by color gradation in a heavy vase.

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