Martha's Skylands Kitchen

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Skylands Kitchen

Chuck Baker

Martha's rugged summer home on the coast of Maine boasts a less formal yet highly functional cooking space.

Here, Martha created her own Great Wall of China by taking every white dish she could find out of the cupboards and putting them on display. A porcelain fishmonger's table blends in perfectly to create an intriguing composition in an unexpected place.

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Skylands: Kitchen Table

Chuck Baker

Eighteen stools of various heights were gathered from the rest of the house and painted white. They now stand around the kitchen table, and guests, short or tall, can sit where they are most comfortable.

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Skylands: Storage Jars

Chuck Baker

An assortment of big glass storage jars sits on a window ledge in the butler's pantry; their metal tops echo the galvanized metal of the sink.

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Skylands: Work Table

Chuck Baker

A porcelain worktable and open shelves.

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