31 Handmade Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Dad Feel Extra Special

Honor your dad in a meaningful way with a DIY Father's Day gift he'll cherish.

father's day gift tools

Ryan K Liebe

What do you give the man who gave you everything? This Father's Day, choose a personalized gift, made with your own two hands, that's a tangible sign of your bond. Whether you're detailing a masterpiece weeks in advance or looking for a last-minute option, we have handmade gift ideas for dads of every personality and interest.

Gift the gourmand dad with a custom set of gourmet snacks (polished for presentation with our printable clip-art labels) or 18th hole-inspired cupcakes, or tug at the heartstrings of a sentimental softie with a DIY scrapbook full of familiar keepsakes. Decorate notebooks, drink glasses, or paperweights with favorite photos, embellish store-bought neckties to create bespoke workwear, or emboss leather luggage tags to go along with his post-retirement travel plans.

Like the grade-school cards and projects he's saved since you were a kid, these are the next generation of handmade tokens that he will display with pride.

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Embroidered Napkins


Is Dad the ultimate dinner host? Upgrade his entertaining arsenal with these napkins; they double as place cards when you embroider loved ones' names on them. Choose colors you know he loves to stitch the monikers in your own handwriting—an added sentimental bonus.

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Dip-Dyed Candles


Instead of gifting him candles from the store, create something extra personalized by making them yourself. Here, we mixed pieces of shaved crayon into wax to form a homemade dye that's used to color the base of pillar candles. Use an array of shades to make a complete set.

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Leather Plant Hanger

wrapped leather plant hanger
Johnny Fogg

Make quick work of suspending his favorite houseplant by wrapping a piece of leather around the pot for a sleeker look. Hole punch the material, then thread cotton cords or more leather through the holes and hang the plant in his office or bedroom.

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Foaming Hand Soap

materials to make foaming soap

For the sustainability-minded dad, this DIY foaming soap eliminates waste by reducing his consumption of plastic bottles. Scent it with his favorite essential oils to truly customize the product to his preferences.

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Recipe Cutting Board

handwritten recipe on wood cutting board
Ashley Poskin

Savor his favorite family recipe by transferring it onto an artisanal cutting board. It's a simple project—accomplished with decoupage glue, a roller squeegee, a paintbrush, a cutting board, and your chosen recipe—that makes a major impact.

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Painted Ceramics

painted pottery ceramics decor

Give Pop's interior décor a fresh look by transforming plain pottery into something truly stunning. Dad is sure to be asked where he got the artisanal-like pieces and he'll be delighted to say his biggest fan made them especially for him.

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Chess Set

green and natural colored chess set
Ryan Liebe

To capture Dad's heart en passant, gift him with an heirloom chess set. Our one-of-a-kind DIY version customizes a plain wooden slide box with a checkered stencil and spray paint. Simple wooden shapes and blocks become modern pieces (we painted half of them to match the board, for contrast), and neatly stow away inside.

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Embellished Game Box

Father's Day poker game box
Johnny Miller

He's a pro at gin rummy and he somehow manages to win every hand at poker. Treat Pop with a special box designed to hold playing cards, poker chips, dice, and the all-important score pad. Decked out with paper cutouts of a card suite, this box is easy to assemble and incredibly useful.

To make it, measure the interior of the box to determine the length of each partition, sand and paint each piece, then use our template to decorate it with symbols in tissue paper. You can vary the number of partitions if you want, depending on Dad's interests.

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Shirt and Tie Cards

Father's Day shirt and tie cards
Kirsten Francis

Shirts and ties may be the most traditional gifts for Dad, but a cleverly folded card representing them both feels entirely fresh and new. Choose decorative papers in menswear patterns, such as pinstripes, polka dots, or plaids.

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"Nuts and Bolts" Snacks

Raymond Hom

Make Dad this "nuts and bolts" cereal snack mix that has a blend of savory seasonings and spices. Package this homemade treat in a tin lined with parchment and top it off with our printable clip-art.

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Heirloom Apron

Ryan K Liebe

Whether Dad's cooking or crafting, it's nice to have an apron that suits his needs. Customize the configuration of pockets to keep all his favorite tools and handheld supplies at the ready.

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Embroidered "Secret Message" Necktie

two neckties in orange boxes with love embroidered on them
Lennart Weibull

Belts and ties are the coin of the realm for Father's Day, but they don't have to fly right off the store rack straight into the gift box. Add your own personality to the package by embroidering Dad's first or last initial on this year's tie.

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Photo Glassware

Linda Pugliese

A day at the beach, camping in the woods, your first family trip—turn his favorite memories into a tabletop set of mementos. Use super-thin clear printable decals that come on a paper backing. Give them a coat of clear varnish, then soak them briefly in water; they will slide off the backing, ready to be applied. Wrap decals around pale-glass bottles and votive holders for table decorations with a charming sea-glass look.

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Decoupaged Paper Weights

Linda Pugliese

Dad taught you this early on: Rock art, well, rocks. These decoupaged rocks make for the perfect paper weight on Dad's desk. And by printing the images on thin textured rice paper, the image takes on a naturally weathered, vintage look.

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Denim Tech Sleeve

Ryan K Liebe

Is he a full-blown cybernaut? No use in changing his ways: Nestle his tablet inside this customized sleeve. It's felt-lined and durable with a cool twine and leather closure.

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Family Tree in a Glass Dome


Consider this a unique twist on the family tree: An assortment of inherited keepsakes—from his grandfather's spectacles to your baby christening spoon—takes on a cohesive, deliberate look that's almost Victorian when encased in a delicate glass dome.

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Personalized Desk Supplies

Linda Pugliese

For the world traveler dad, a set of personalized supplies reminds him of where he's been and where he's headed. Print photos onto matte paper, brush each notebook (these have a black-fabric binding) lightly with découpage glue, and press the matte paper on top; let it dry, then trim the excess flush to the edge. Little canvas cases with iron-on images make excellent holders for passports, as well as for mementos like ticket stubs and his business cards.

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Map Coasters


Map-themed gifts are just right for globe-trotting types. Collect maps from Dad's favorite vacation spots—or from far-flung destinations that he's been dreaming of exploring—and use them to make a set of handy coasters. He'll be inspired every time he reaches for a glass.

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Father's Day Tee-Time Cupcakes

Golf cupcakes

Present Dad with a full set of golf-themed cupcakes, complete with putting greens and sand traps, on his special day.

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Keepsake Book Box

Aaron Dyer

Dad will pore over this year's gift: a wooden "book" with a secret drawer for keepsakes or knickknacks. To begin, stain the entire surface of a modern book box (available at crafts stores and online) with diluted paint; let dry. Then use undiluted paint to add designs like diamonds, stripes, and other details to mimic vintage hardcovers. Start Dad's collection by dropping in a few shared mementos like cuff links and lucky golf tees.

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Canvas Log Bag

canvas wood carried bag
Kate Mathis

Give the fire starters in your life a lift: this handsome, quick-sew canvas log carrier. Measure out one piece of canvas, 18 1/2 x 36 1/2 inches, and fold under sides of canvas by 1/2 inch, and press with a clothing iron. Fold under by another 1/2 inch, and hem all around. Using a stitching needle and waxed thread, hand-stitch leather handles onto center of short sides of canvas.

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Leather Luggage Tag

Anna Williams

Luggage tags are a natural gift choice for any dad that likes to travel. Achieve a timeless look by cutting out leather and embossing it with his name. You'll have so much fun making these, you'll want to make one for every member of the family.

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Homemade Snacks

homemade fathers day snacks
Raymond Hom

Our pop-art–inspired labels make it a cinch to turn any of Dad's favorite foods into a custom gift. Download and print the designs onto plain or self-adhesive paper, enlarging or reducing the size as desired. Affix labels to cellophane bags filled with pistachios; jars of homemade pickles and goodies; or store-bought sauces and salsas. (Use double-sided tape if you print the labels on plain paper.)

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Necktie Envelope

necktie envelope
Johnny Miller

The most iconic Father's Day gifts are classic for a reason. Even if your dad doesn't wear a tie every day, there are all kinds of special occasions when he might be called upon to dress sharp. And though one size fits all, you can make your gift feel extra special by presenting it in a handmade fabric envelope that he can use for travel and storage. Sew the satchel from traditional shirting fabric for a nicely coordinated touch.

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Menswear-Inspired Packaging

menswear packaging for Father's Day gift
Johnny Miller

The details on these packages resemble those on tuxedo shirts and other men's formalwear, but they are fashioned from folded paper, buttons, and notions. The results look finely tailored and timeless.

For tuxedo wrap, place a piece of paper on a mat. Starting from the center and making your way out, make a series of evenly spaced accordion folds; crease with a bone folder as you work. Repeat to create folds on opposite side. (For a shirtfront look, thread waxed twine through a row of buttons on a narrow band of paper.) Affix to package with double-sided tape.

For tuxedo bow, fold the ends of a piece of ribbon in toward the center, overlapping them; secure with fabric glue. Flatten at center and glue to secure. Cover center with second piece of ribbon, gluing at back of bow.

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Sock Accessory Holders

sock accessories
Johnny Miller

A set of protective pouches keeps Dad's electronic devices and personal accessories, from his cell phone to his eyeglasses, safe and sound. This simple project is great for older children who want to practice their sewing skills. Argyle and striped socks are especially handsome, but you can use any type of pattern or color.

To make, turn the sock inside out so that the cuff will be the open end of the holder. Lay the device or accessory next to the top of the sock and measure to 1/2 inch below the bottom (for a seam allowance). Mark a line with the disappearing-ink fabric pen. Cut out with scissors. Machine-sew a seam. Alternatively, you can sew the seam by hand. Turn right side out.

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Mixology Add-Ins

mixology add-ins
Raymond Hom

Preserve your late-spring harvest with an all-purpose brine that yields lip-smacking pickles, pearl onions, and more. Salty, tangy, and slightly sweet, the pickles make great Father's Day gifts when placed in jars adorned with our clip-art designs printed on clear decal sheets. You can also tweak the brine to suit your dad's tastes: If he drinks Gibsons, for example, add a dash of dry vermouth to a jar of pearl onions.

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Custom Ties and Gift Boxes

embroidered neckties and paper gift boxes
Aaron Dyer

Personalize a store-bought tie for Father's Day. Start with one that has a simple pattern, and use that as a guide for embroidered details. Rip out the hand stitch at the back of the tie that holds the folds together (you can restitch them together after embroidering), then begin sewing through the top layer of fabric. We used a chain stitch and satin stitch for the stripes, and French knots on the polka dotted bow tie. Package the tie in an easy-to-make box, dressed up with paper bands.

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Patterned Terra Cotta Pots

terracotta pots for plants
Addie Juell

If he's an avid gardener or houseplant aficionado, give his existing terra-cotta pots a glow-up with some painter's tape or stamps and craft paint. This is a great way to spruce up worn or weathered planters—just be sure to apply a coat of sealant before you pop in the main part of his gift (a new plant, of course!)—to ensure your design stays put.

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DIY Sleep Masks


Does he rely on blackout curtains for the ultimate night of sleep? Lead him one step further into the darkness with these hand-sewn sleep masks, which are a breeze to whip up thanks to our how-to.

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Painted Coasters

leather painted coasters
Aaron Dyer

Tackle this coaster project a day or two ahead of Father's Day, since the paint and sealant it calls for requires 24 hours of drying time. After you purchase a set of leather circles, tape off sections and shapes with varying widths of masking tape and paint accordingly; a clear sealant makes the pieces more resistant to condensation drips.

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