Add More Greens to Your Weekly Meals with These 30 Spinach-Heavy Recipes

chicken with herbed pea puree and spinach on plate
Armando Rafael

There are so many reasons why we love spinach—it's packed with nutrients, versatile, and plenty flavorful, just to name a few. While the most obvious use of spinach is having it serve as the base of a salad or blended into a healthy smoothie or juice, there are dozens of different ways to let this versatile leafy green shine. From soups and stews to crepes and casseroles to pizza and pot pies and everything in between, you'll never get tired of cooking with spinach. Here, we're sharing 30 delicious recipes that will inspire you to add this nutrient-rich leafy green to your meals.

Cooks classify this good-for-you green three ways: Curly-leaf spinach has crinkled leaves; flat-leaf spinach, often sold frozen or canned, has smoother leaves and a slightly milder flavor; and baby spinach is simply the flat-leaf type harvested when very young and tender. Fresh spinach is available year-round. When shopping for spinach, look for bright green, unwilted leaves and avoid slimy or spotted leaves. Both curly- and flat-leaf spinach are sold in bunches and bags, and baby spinach comes prepackaged or loose. Refrigerate spinach in a plastic bag; it spoils quickly, so use it within a couple of days.

If you've cooked with spinach before, then you know that it cooks down tremendously when sautéed or mixed into hot soup. Many of our recipes here call for three to five cups of spinach, so don't be alarmed by the large amount; it will easily blend into whatever you're cooking. From hearty dinners, creamy and cozy soups, and savory breakfast recipes, enjoy these spectacular spinach recipes any time of day.

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Kielbasa and Lentil Rice with Spinach

kielbasa and lentil rice with spinach
Chris Simpson

A full bunch of spinach is mixed into creamy, lentil-based rice along with curry powder and crushed tomatoes for a cozy, meaty dinner.

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Spinach-Artichoke Cannelloni Crepes with Mustardy Cheese Sauce

spinach artichoke cannelloni crepes plated and cut
Lennart Weibull

Whether you serve them for breakfast or dinner, you'll love these rich, savory crepes with a very green filling made from one pound of spinach, canned artichoke hearts, and shallots—and plenty of fontina cheese to boot.

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Cheesy Spinach-Potato Egg Casserole

Cheesy Spinach-Potato Egg Casserole
Con Poulos

Curly leaf spinach teams up with Yukon gold potatoes and onions for a decadent vegetarian filling in this crowd-ready casserole. Six ounces of melty fontina cheese make it even more irresistible.

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Creamy Lemon Chicken with Spinach and Artichokes

creamy lemon chicken with spinach and artichokes
Marcus Nilsson

Baby spinach and tangy frozen artichokes are a genius pairing in this one-skillet dinner that gets its rich, silky texture from four ounces of cream cheese.

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Creamy Broccoli-Spinach Dip

creamy broccoli spinach dip
Julia Gartland

Skip store-bought party dip and make your own. Start by sautéing broccoli florets and baby spinach leaves, then mix the cooked greens with ricotta cheese, fresh basil, grated Parmesan, and lemon zest.

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Prosciutto Carbonara with Spinach

Prosciutto Carbonara with Spinach
Kate Sears

Every nook and cranny of the chunky rigatoni holds a carbonara-inspired sauce in this healthier take on the classic pasta recipe. Five ounces of spinach are what takes this dinner into better-for-you territory.

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Creamy Ginger-Asparagus Soup

Creamy Ginger-Asparagus Soup recipe
Chris Simpson

Potatoes and asparagus cook in water for the base of the soup. They're then mixed with blended baby spinach and cilantro in this light vegan recipe.

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Trout with Almond-Parsley Butter

Trout with Almond-Parsley Butter
Chris Simpson

This bistro dish pairs seared trout fillets with a side of sautéed garlic spinach. It's a delicious carb-free dinner that can be enjoyed any night of the week.

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Sheet Pan Vegetable Hash with Eggs

Sheet Pan Vegetable Hash with Eggs
Chris Simpson

Whether for breakfast or for dinner, sheet pan meals are easy to prepare, easy to clean up, and always delicious. This vegetarian recipe is packed with colorful vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, red bell pepper, red onion, and baby spinach.

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Artichoke-and-Spinach Skillet Pizza

Armando Rafael

Skip the usual toppings in favor of canned artichoke hearts and baby spinach leaves in this easy pizza recipe that's made in a cast-iron skillet. The result is a crispy, golden-brown crust and satisfying vegetarian topping.

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Warm Spinach Salad with Soy Vinaigrette

warm spinach salad with soy vinaigrette
Armando Rafael

Roasted cremini and shiitake mushrooms are tossed with curly-leaf spinach in this side salad recipe. Everything is dressed with a combination of soy sauce, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, and honey.

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Creamy Broccoli-and-Spinach Soup

Creamy Broccoli-and-Spinach Soup recipe
Yuki Sugiura

Who doesn't love an easy-to-make, comforting soup? This recipe features a genius trio of leeks, broccoli, and spinach, which cook in chicken (or vegetable broth!) before being blended together.

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Quick Chicken Curry with Spinach and Peas

Bryan Gardner

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are one of our favorite cuts of meat to cook with because they're super flavorful and even more forgiving. In this recipe, they're served over steamed rice with a warm, spiced sauté of spinach, peas, and coconut milk.

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Chicken with Herbed Pea Puree and Spinach

chicken with herbed pea puree and spinach
Armando Rafael

In this healthy, 35-minute recipe, baby spinach is used in two ways. First, one cup is added to the pea purée along with lemon zest and juice, Pecorino Romano, cilantro, and olive oil. The remaining fresh spinach is tossed with more lemon zest and served on the side for a quick salad.

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Spinach Spaetzle in Game-Hen Broth

spinach spaetzle in game hen broth
Paola + Murray

Homemade spaetzle—a short egg noodle that's popular in Germany—is made by combining eggs, oil, cheese, and flour. This version amps up the green factor by adding blanched spinach and making the spaetzle in a food processor. Once they're formed, they're cooked in in a savory broth along with the shredded meat.

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Salmon-and-Spinach Potpie

salmon spinach pot pie
Con Poulos

Enjoy this modern twist on a classic chicken pot pie recipe. There's plenty of spinach plus salmon fillets, Yukon gold potatoes, peas, and tarragon under the all-butter puff pastry topping.

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Spring Ragout with Asparagus and Poached Eggs

spring ragout with asparagus and poached eggs
The Ingalls

This creamy, one-skillet stew recipe is sure to brighten up your brunch. It's made with a hearty and healthy combination of protein-packed chickpeas, asparagus, scallions, cilantro, tomatillos, and four cups of packed spinach.

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Split-Pea Soup with Spinach and Barley

spinach split-pea soup with barley topped with yogurt
Kate Mathis

Adding spinach and barley to this old-fashioned soup makes it extra delicious and extra good for you. Plain yogurt is both mixed into the soup and served on top, which makes it extra creamy.

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Poached Salmon, Spinach, and Potato Salad

Stephen Kent Johnson

Boiled fingerling potatoes are served with spinach, mint leaves, and salmon in this hearty salad recipe that's apt for lunch or dinner.

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Bacon and Spinach Quiche

spinach bacon quiche
Bryan Gardner

Crumbled bacon, shredded Swiss cheese, packed baby spinach, and a combination of heavy cream and whole milk make the savory egg filling for this classic quiche.

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Green Juice Salad

green juice salad with sliced grapes
Kate Mathis

Give your body a boost with this good-for-you salad inspired by a classic green juice. All you need is cucumber, packed baby spinach, thinly sliced celery, and seedless grapes.

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Pork Wellington with Prosciutto and Spinach-Mushroom Stuffing

pork wellington with prosciutto and spinach mushroom stuffing
Lennart Weibull

Instead of the usual beef, this take on the puff pastry-wrapped entrée features two irresistible pork products—lean pork tenderloins and salty prosciutto. Frozen chopped spinach is added to the classic mushroom mixture that surrounds the meat.

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Warm Spinach Salad with Shiitake Mushrooms and Red Onion

warm spinach salad with shiitake mushrooms and red onion
Paola + Murray

There's plenty of spinach in this colorful salad. Some is sautéed with the shiitake mushrooms and then served over a base of spinach leaves along with quick-pickled red onions. It's garnished with toasted sesame seeds for another layer of flavor and crunch.

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Roasted Sea Bass with Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, and Salsa Rustica

fish and vegetables on baking sheet
Justin Walker

Buttery sea bass is roasted alongside sliced sweet potatoes, fresh spinach, chopped parsley leaves, and capers in this one-skillet recipe.

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Easy Florentine Egg Cups

plated florentine egg cups
Bryan Gardner

These individual egg cups are family-friendly and super easy to make. Start by pressing a single slice of sandwich bread into 12 muffin cups, then add a tablespoon of frozen, thawed spinach to each. Top with a cracked egg and bake until set.

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California-Style Veggie Burgers

california style veggie burger
Louise Hagger

You won't miss the meat with these hearty burgers. The patties are made from a mix of baby spinach, shiitake mushrooms, pinto beans, cooked bulgur, and breadcrumbs.

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Ham-and-Spinach Dip

Armando Rafael

Just the thing to serve alongside crudités, chips, or pita bread, this rich dip calls for frozen, thawed spinach, Black Forest ham, and shredded Manchego cheese.

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Penne with Spinach Pesto and Turkey Sausage

green pasta turkey meatballs
Sidney Bensimon

We use fresh spinach, thawed frozen peas, and basil leaves for a nut-free pesto in this healthy weeknight pasta dinner.

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Spinach-and-Cheddar Slab Quiche

spinach cheddar slab quiche
Julia Gartland

Instead of the usual pie dish, try making a quiche for brunch on a rimmed baking sheet. The filling is made with frozen chopped spinach, cheddar, and eggs.

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Creamed-Spinach Gratin

creamed spinach gratin
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Creamed spinach is a classic side dish but we made it even better by topping it with panko breadcrumbs and baking it in a gratin dish until bubbling and golden brown.

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