17 Mocktail Recipes That Are So Delicious You Won't Miss the Alcohol

These fresh and fruity drinks make every party a festive occasion for all ages.

three mocktails in different glasses, cucumber and grapefruit

Johnny Fogg

Lots of party people want to raise a glass that's buzzy, but not boozy, from the mom-to-be at a baby shower to those who don't love alcohol, but appreciate a well-crafted drink with their holiday dinner. And then, of course, there's the under-21 crowd at your family cookout.

But free of alcohol doesn't mean flat: Virgin versions of classic cocktails like margaritas, sangria, and boozy punches make the most of fresh fruit juices and sparkling ciders. Warm-weather standbys, including watermelon, blueberries, and blackberries, add depth to traditional iced tea and lemonade, while the wintry flavors of ginger, cider, and citrus make for party-ready punches.

Top any of these recipes with pretty garnishes—fruit segments, fresh mint leaves, or a classic cherry on top—to infuse your party with family-friendly flair.

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Mint, Lime, and Ginger Sparkler

Mint, Lime, and Ginger Sparkler
Ren Fuller

A combination of ginger beer and fresh ginger gives this thirst-quenching, non-alcoholic spritz its spice. With fresh lime juice and a gorgeous garnish of mint leaves, this is a delicious virgin version of a classic Moscow mule.

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Honeydew Lemon Tarragon Cooler

honeydew-lemon-tarragon cooler cocktail
Linda Xiao

Chunks of juicy honeydew, pureed with tarragon syrup and lemon juice, provide the base for this agua fresca-like summer drink. We recommend sipping one by the pool on a hot August day.

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Iced Passion-Fruit Green Tea

Iced Passion-Fruit Green Tea
Ren Fuller

Minimal ingredients with an impressive result? Sign us up! Green tea and passion-fruit juice marry for a subtle tropical taste.

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Watermelon Lemonade


Prepare a batch of this pink drink and your summer celebration will be made in the shade.

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Golden Ticket Mocktail

The Golden Ticket Cocktail
Ryan Liebe

This mix of pineapple juice, orange juice, and cream of coconut adds a sweet, tropical complement to your lineup of movie-night snacks or your next family-friendly vacation happy hour.

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Blackberry-Plum Smash with Basil

Blackberry Plum Smash
Ren Fuller

We love the bright raspberry color of this refreshing cooler. Infused with fresh herbs, citrus, and berries, this not-too-sweet pour is as invigorating as a cannonball in the deep end.

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Carrot Limeade

Carrot Limeade recipe
Ren Fuller

We wouldn't be surprised if Peter Cottontail tried to make off with one of these vibrant chillers filled with a blend of carrot and lime juices. We added a hint of sugar to win over kids and grown-ups alike.

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Grapefruit-Sanbitter Spritz

grapefruit sanbitter spritz mocktail
Johnny Fogg

Italian soda Sanbitter gives this drink the same bright red color as an Aperol spritz, and with a touch of fresh grapefruit juice, this is one refreshing and worldly mocktail. (Sorry: Italian vacation not included.)

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Mediterranean Cucumber Tonic

mediterranean cucumber tonic mocktail
Johnny Fogg

Robust rosemary, crisp cool cucumber, and tart lemon come together in this vibrant booze-free take on the gin and tonic. Fever-Tree Tonic Water is infused with botanical oils for an added layer of complex aromatics. No gin needed!

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Pink Grapefruit "Margaritas"

pink grapefruit margaritas
Charles Maraia

With pink grapefruit juice and pomegranate syrup, this booze-free margarita transports you to warmer climes. Serve in a martini or margarita glass for a sophisticated presentation.

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Ginger-Lime Fizz


A virgin version of the classic Moscow Mule, this sparkling brew is made with a ginger-infused simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and seltzer.

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Sparkling Cider with Cara Cara Orange Punch

glass of sparkling cider with cara cara orange punch

This festive punch made with winter citruses is a fun holiday mocktail that's just as tasty year round. For a special touch, garnish with candied oranges.

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Blood-Moon Punch

Aaron Dyer

If you're feeling spooky, then this blood-moon punch will have you howling toward the moon. A vampy, virgin mixture of orange juice, grape juice, seltzer, ginger soda, and lime juice taste eerily delicious.

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Pomegranate Soda


Who said club soda was boring? A generous splash of pomegranate juice, a touch of sugar, and a maraschino cherry on top create an enticing bright pink drink.

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Nonalcoholic Michelada


Inspired by that classic beer cocktail, the Michelada, this mocktail combines kombucha, a popular fermented tea drink, with tomato paste and lime juice for a tart refresher.

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Fruity Ice Wreath

Aaron Dyer

The best and most beautiful way to serve a non-alcoholic punch for a holiday party is with this icy wreath. It's made of cranberry juice and berries, plus orange and lemon slices—and formed in a bundt pan.

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Blueberry Mint Lemonade


Fresh pureed blueberries and just-picked-mint syrup add a sweet touch to your favorite homemade lemonade.

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Pomegranate Citrus Juice


Grapefruits, orange, tangerine, and tangelo juice are combined for an extra vibrant citrus flavor. Adding pomegranate juice brings a dose of color, flavor, and antioxidants.

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