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Save the Date Calendar

These calendars make a more substantial reminder than a simple save-the-date card. Have your stationer print the cards, or do it yourself on your computer.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, 2001


These cards should be sent six months to one year before your wedding day.


  • Calendars printed on colored heavy paper or cardstock

  • Scissors

  • Red pencil

  • Flexible tape

  • Homemade wedding tags

  • Hole punch

  • Silk ribbon


  1. Print out the months leading up to your wedding on colored heavy paper or card stock, and trim all the sheets to form square cards. Circle your wedding date in red pencil.

  2. Tape the cards together at the edges using coordinating, flexible tape, and fold the calendar accordion style.

  3. Write your names and wedding date on a tag, and punch a hole in the tag; then thread a silk ribbon through the hole, and tie the ribbon around the stack.

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