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Stamped and Sealed Gift Bags

Paper bags, slightly modified, make distinctive wrapping. A novel sealing method garners the most attention, since recipients will be intent on getting past it.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2000


  • Thread

  • Sewing kit

  • Scallop-edged scissors

  • Rubber stamp


  1. Using a contrasting color of thread, sew bag shut a half inch from top, with scallop stitch (rear). Trim top of bag with scallop-edged scissors; add initials with rubber stamp.

  2. Spruce up brown bags with grommets and a few fitting words (right). Before filling, hand-write or calligraph your names or a message. Fill bag and fold top down by a quarter; insert a grommet through all layers; loop ribbon through.
  3. Refolded, a classic-shaped bag becomes a whimsical trapezoidal package. Pinch centers of front and back; pull sides out. Fold top of bag over, and tie a ribbon around to close.

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