How to Make Homemade Large and Small Bubble Wands

Blowing the perfect bubble depends on equal parts science and magic. With a few twists of wire, you can make fantastic bubble wands and spend long, lazy days practicing your technique. The best bubble solution is 10 cups water to 4 cups dish-washing liquid, plus 1 cup Karo corn syrup.


What You'll Need


  • Plastic-coated wire coat hangers or floral netting or plasti-coated chicken wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • 8-gauge cloth-covered wire
  • Tin can


  1. For large wands, you'll need plastic-coated wire coat hangers and either floral netting or plastic-coated chicken wire.

  2. Hold the hook at the top of the hanger, and pull the bottom down so that it forms a circle. Cut away the hook and twisted neck of the hanger with wire cutters; you should have about a 31-inch length of wire.

  3. With needle-nose pliers, twist a tiny hook into one end of the wire. Bend that end around, and hook it on the wire about 9 inches from the opposite end, forming a 7-inch-diameter circle.

  4. Squeeze the hook with pliers to fasten, and straighten the end to form a handle. Cut an 8-inch-diameter circle of floral netting. With pliers, fold the netting's edge tightly around the frame, snipping off any sharp ends.

  5. For small wands, use 18-gauge cloth-covered wire cut to a length of 15 inches. Bend the wire into a lollipop shape, securing the end of the wire where the loop meets the handle with a dab of glue.

  6. To make a star, divide the circle into five even increments, then crimp with pliers. To make a heart, crimp only the top center of the circle. A tin can, with its top and bottom removed, also makes great bubbles -- carefully trim any sharp edges, dip one end in solution, and pull through the air to make one long bubble.

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