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Silk-Flower Party Lights

These flowers look like the prettiest climbing vines. But they're not just sweet by day -- they're radiant by night. Despite their enchanted appearance, they are simply holiday lights covered with faux flowers (we chose flame-hued silk poppies).

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2005


Making this decoration doesn't require stitching, tape, or glue; all you need are silk flowers and a string of lights.


  • Miniature holiday string lights for outdoor use

  • Silk poppies or other flowers (one for each bulb) with removable plastic stems and centers, available at crafts stores

  • Scissors


  1. Pull the heads off the stems, then use scissors to enlarge the hole to about 1/4 inch to fit over the base of each light.

  2. If your flowers have layers of petals -- as with a gardenia -- stack them onto the base from largest to smallest. Push the petals back, away from the bulb, so they don't touch it and overheat (for safety, be sure that each bulb is firmly connected to its base).

  3. Hang the string of blooms just as you would any other decorative garland.

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