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Simple Sarong

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2006


Cover up with a breezy beach wrap made from a favorite fabric.


  • Fabric (see steps to determine amount)

  • Scissors


  1. Measure your body from waist to ankle. Then measure around your hips, multiply that number by 2, and add 2 inches to that.

  2. Cut fabric so that one long side falls along the selvage (we used Indian cotton cut from a 45-inch bolt).

  3. With fabric right side down, double-hem each short side 1/2 inch (pressing after each fold).

  4. To make the waistband: Double-hem the unfinished, long side of the fabric 1 1/2 inches (pressing after each fold).

  5. Leave the selvage edge as is. To add ties: Tuck a 24-inch-long piece of ribbon (ours was 5/8-inch-wide twill) in each end of the waistband, and stitch in place, as pictured.

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