A string of beach treasures casts a dreamy glow on a patio or porch.

Decorate your inland or beachside home with a string of small white lights with clean, dry shells to give your space an instant tropical upgrade. This simple three-step DIY is just the thing to add to your home's interior or exterior. Hang these seashell lights to illuminate your backyard for your Fourth of July barbeque, or simply leave them up all summer long in celebration of the season.  


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Tape a 2-foot section of lights to your work surface with bulbs lying flat.

Step 2

Apply a thin layer of epoxy along the hinge edge of a shell, and press into place at the base of a light. Repeat for each bulb.

Step 3

Let dry about five minutes before continuing with the next section. Let dry completely before hanging. 


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