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A Heartfelt Mother's Day Breakfast

Martha Stewart Living, May 2008

This Mother's Day, prepare a hearty -- and heartwarming -- breakfast for Mom, even if you're miles away. Choose a store-bought granola loaded with her favorite fruits and nuts, or make a homemade batch. Pack a bowl and a spoon for the cereal, as well as some delicious tea and a tea bowl to warm her hands. Add a handwritten note and a bouquet of colorful paper flowers. Mail in a well-padded box.

Paper Flowers
These pretty decorations, created in the fashion of paper snowflakes, are simple to make. Use lightweight paper cut into squares of any size. (Ours range from 3 to 5 inches. In general, large squares are easier to work with than small ones.) Enlarge the templates as needed. To cut out the designs, you'll need small, sharp scissors or a craft knife.

Paper Flowers How-To
Fold the square of paper in half diagonally to make a triangle. Fold in the 2 smaller points of the triangle so that they meet and form a smaller square with an open crease. Fold the square in half along the open crease to make a new triangle. (The smooth, folded point will become the center of the flower.) Place a template over the triangle, lining up narrow end of template with center of flower, and trace. Cut out using scissors or a craft knife. Unfold.

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