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Nautilus Shell Vase

A wide-mouthed, spiral nautilus shell can double as a pearlescent vase for bedroom bouquets.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2007


  • Floral adhesive

  • A plate

  • A shell

  • A weight

  • Flowers

  • Pebbles


  1. To create your own, place a piece of floral adhesive on a plate (use just enough to hold the shell upright).

  2. Stick the shell to the adhesive, and then place a weight -- a fishing sinker, for example -- inside to help hold it in place.

  3. Fill the shell halfway with water, and add flowers, such as purple scabiosa and white phlox.

  4. Lastly, arrange pebbles around the shell; they'll add a finishing touch and further stabilize the display.

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